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Ann Arbor's Alternative Newsmonthly Editors Ted Sylvester Laurie Wechter Peggy Novelli I Calendar Editor Nan Stoll News Briefs Editor Jeff Gearhart Graffiti Editor Gail Burke Editorial Assistants Carol Goldberg Melissa MacKenzie Art Production Denis McBee Copy Production Jim Kirk Connie Stinar Arlin Wasserman Photographer Gregory Fox Illustrator John Tormey Advertising Henry Hardy Peggy Novelli Distribution Bill Diesenroth Lois Huff Al Lozano Mike Rosentreter Thanks Terry Calhoun at Academie Word, Hunter, Women's Crisis Center; Cooks: Carol Goldberg, Don East & Melissa MacKenzie; Bake Sale: Phillis Engelbert AGENDA is in irdependent non-aligned newsmonthly published by Agenda Publications, P. O. Box 3624, Ann Arbor, Ml 106, (ni 3)996-8018. Vol. 2 No. 8, NOVEMBER, 1987, Copyrights Agenda Publitations Subscriptions J15U.S., $30 International.