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Full Disclosure would never publish an article on the alleged privacy of a pólice radio system without first trying to listen in . . . Full Disclosure is an alternative newspaper that hoodlums in government should be aware of. It is dedicated to exposing excesses of authority and providing informatíon on citizen's rights so that its readers will be prepared to intelligently deal with intrusions into their lives by the govemmenL One of Full Disclosure's special concerns is technology and privacy, an issue that many papers fail to adequately cover. Even though Full Disclosure is a national newspaper (with most subscriptions outside of Michigan), it often covers local pólice and FBI activities. For example, a recent issue corrected disinformaüon published by The Ann Arbor News on behalf of local law enforcement agencies regarding their new radio system. Rather than publish propaganda from the pólice department on this topic, Full Disclosure published information based on its own experience and tests of the radio system. Full Disclosure would never publish an article on the alleged privacy of a pólice radio system without first trying to listen in. One continuing subject covered by Full Disclosure relates to FBI harassment of the paper in January of 1986. The harassment stemmed from Full Disclosure's surveillance of a local FBI surveillance operation. We have been able to (slowly) get information from the FBI on the matter. The fïrst release of their information included a partly censored copy of a classified memorandum which was sent to U.S. Representative Cari Pursell from the Special Staff of the FBI's Intelligence División. Subsequently released information indicated that one of the FBI Agents involved in the harassment was interrogated by a Justice Department official with the threat of "agency disciplinary action, including dismissal," if he failed to explain his actions. The FBI has so far refused to disclose their version of what happened in January of 1986. Full Disclosure believes that the inner workings of the govemment should be public, and that in order for people to fully participate in the democratie process they must have information about the government - information that the establishment press does not provide. Much of the establishment press is spent on trivial matters. Trivia is one thing you won't find in Full Disclosure. In addit'on to the newspaper which is published about every other month, Full Disclosure publishes a number of books including: The CIA Papers; Volume I (BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA), Special Report: The Hasenfus Case, FBI "Black Bag Jobs" - An Historical Overview of FBI Illegal Break-Ins, The FBI and Your BBS, and Covert Intelligence: Electronic Eavesdropping Techniques and Equipment. Full Disclosure also recently formed The FBI Project to investigate FBI abuses and publish a quarterly newsletter. Anyone interested in a sample issue of Full Disclosure should contact the paper at: Box 8275, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107 or phone: 747-7027.