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Reduced Rates On Multiple Subscriptions

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THINK GLOBALLY-ACT GLOBALLYÜ! send AGENDA to send AGENDA to send AGENDA to send AGENDA to send AGENDA to send AGENDA big city editors! youi bestfriend a fascist dictator! Washington, D.C.! a total stranger! out of state Get AGENDA into the hands of editors, congresspeople, joumalists, out-of-town friends, or anyone you'd like, anywhere in the world! First 1-yearsubscription $15U.S., $30lnternational. Each additional 1-year subscription only $7.50U.S., $15!nternaüonal. Designóte where you'd like your 2nd or 3rd subscription to go (congress, newspaper, etc). First 1-year subscription 515U.S., $30lnL- Each additional 1-year subscription $7.50U.S., $15lnt :L'-'Íi - st 1-ycar subscription to: -jrd 1-year subscription lo: ;i íí.í: ÑAME ÑAME ADDRESS ADDRESS ::.L CITY-STATE-Z1P OTY-STATE-ZIP : nd 1-ycar subscriptiun lo: Ath 1-ycar subscriptiun to: ilfll; ÑAME NAME ADDRESS ADORESS ;í : CITY-STATE-ZIP OTY-STATE-ZIP Ülli 1 Make checks payable to AGENDA Publications, P.O. Box 3624, Ann Altor, MI 48106 _ IWi; p nr a Ba. jk k ■■■ ïïÊFiM


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