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"BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS. It was not that I flHHHiH once more those read so many. I read fHHIflHBlH walls facecl with and reread the same lllllItmffiB books. In those days ones. But all of rV I could find them in them were necessary ÊmKBÈÊÊm ie ar never to me. Their HMIhI t00 a amP wen presence, their B. went at n t0 smell, the letters of K w1!! choose one, it was their titles and the KS ? 1 enough to feel my texture of their pBBBAjaÉI way, as though on leather bindings. hhh the keyboard of a After all these M pian0, along the years, I have only to lu S -u siielves. shut my eyes to see JSsasaa $kiM offiSi, Colette, My Mother's House