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Agenda Takes A Leap

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Over the past two years and 21 issues, AGENDA has been a journalistic experiment, testing whether the people of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti would support a truly alternative newsmonthly. Support has been shaky, but the void created in local media by AGENDA'S temporary lapse has been noted and conveyed to us. Public encouragement, along with a very complimentary review in the nationally distributed Utne Reader, has convinced us to keep building support and continue publishing. We also want you to know that starting this month, 20,000 copies of AGENDA will be distributed to the largest number of people AGENDA has ever reached.

Where was AGENDA?

AGENDA's publicized one month leave of absence to reorganize turned into two months. This was largely due to a move from our residence into a new house, then a smaller move to a new office, not to mention taxes, and reorganization.

AGENDA has been reorganized in a way that will render the operation less precarious. Thus, we, the workers will be less susceptible to bum-out. In kicking off the new AGENDA, we've decided to start slowly and carefully, printing our smallest issue ever (only 8 pages). That has meant not publishing Community Resource Directory listings and Calendar items that we would usually have printed. We apologize to those of you who got your listings in and will not see them in print this month. Next month everything will be back to normal. We hope you will forgive us and continue to send your entries in from now on.

Almost this entire issue is devoted to letting you know the various ins and outs of AGENDA. We hope you will read it carefully and keep it as a guide for the future.

What's new?

AGENDA is no longer at 1 Jefferson Court. Our small, but comfortable new office is on the fifth floor of the Washington Square Building at 202 E. Washington, room 512 (Washington and Fourth Ave.), Ann Arbor. We are not listed in the building directory yet, so don't be thrown if you don't see our name there. Our phone number will stay the same: 996-8018.

We have also added two part-time staff members. The five positions now are business manager, editor, art director, office manager fundraiser and circulation manager.

The paper's greatest change is in circulation. As of this month, 20,000 copies of AGENDA will be distributed from over 200 locations. Previously, we printed 10,000 copies. Our new circulation will mean a wider readership, greatly expanding the impact of the writers and community groups featured.

On March 21 and 22, AGENDA held its first annual phone-a-thon, raising $3,500. We are very grateful to Sottini's Sub Shop, Big Market and Blossom Foods for supplying food and drink to the volunteers. We are also very grateful to Jeff Gearhart, Phillis Engelbert, and Melissa Mackenzie for organizing such a successful effort. Many thanks go out to the people who made the calis. We know how hard it is and we feel very lucky to have that kind of support in the community. We also want to thank the people who made pledges and to let you know that letters are in the mail. We appreciate all of you very much!