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Israelis Resist Government Policies In response to the brutal repression by the Isracli govemment, there is a growing number of Israeli soldiers who are dttsobeying the commands of their military superiors. This movement of resistancc is being spearheaded by the Israeli peace group, Yesh Gvul. At present, nine reservist members of Yesh Gvul are in military prisons after refusing to take part in the campaign of repression in the occupied territories. A Yesh Gvul-sponsored declaration by reservists proclaiming their refusal to take part in suppressing the uprising has collected over 400 signatures. Yesh Gvul volunteers have distributed information about selective refusal of service, and thousands of booklets reminding soldiers - regulare and reservists alike - that it is their legal and moral duty to disobey unlawful orders. To support Yesh Gvul, or for more information, contact: Friends of Yesh Gvul, 1636 Martin Luther King Rd. #G, Berkely CA 94709. "Build Homes Not Bombs Day" Announced On Monday June 6, "BuiM Homes Not Bombs Day," tenant and homeless groups will join other community members in demonstrations at the Federal Building and at Arm Arbor City Hall. The Federal Building protest will focus on the lack of federal spending for housing in the face of a huge military budget. Demónstralo will then address City Council at their weekly meeting and demand that they confront the housing crisis in Arm Arbor. A tent city will be erected outside of City Hall, where demonstrators can further show their concern about housing issues. For more information cali 936-3076. No-Poster Policy Proposed On May 2, Ann Arbor City Councilperson Jerry Schleicher introduccd a proposal which would outlaw postering on public procrties (e.g. Iightposts and telephone poles) in Ann Arbor. That same night, Ann Arbor Mayor Gerald Jemigan proposed outlawing skateboarding in downtown Ann Arbor. Both proposals won preliminary provaL These proposals, the result of months of pressure by downtown merchants, were introduced into the new Republicancontrollcd City Council. A public hearing on these issues is scheduled for Mon. June 13 at 7:30 pm and the vote will be on June 20. Register your opinión by attending the public hearing, wnting your City Council representative, andor Mayor Jemigan at: City Hall, 100 N. Rfth Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. (SEE "NEWS BRIEFS," PAGE 11) NEWS BRIEFS (f rom page 3) Marital Rape Outlawed in Michigan On May 17, the Michigan State Senate, following the precedent set earlier this year by the Michigan House of Representatives, voted unanimously to outlaw marital rape. Stricken from State of Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Statute was Section 5201, which reads, "A person does not commit sexual assault under this act if the victim is his or her legal spouse, unless the couple are living apart and one of them has filed for separate maintenance or divorce." The amended statute will take effect once it is signed by Govemor Blanchard. The enactment of this legislation represents the culmination of two and a half years of local and statewide organizing, which originated in Ann Arbor. Organizer Sue McGee stated, "This is a pioneering landmark in the State of Michigan..."