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New in Paperback at Borders... Tbc Graywolf Annual Five: Multi-Cultural Literacy, Opening the American Mlnd edited by Riek Simonsen and Scott .-.-. Walker, Graywolf Press, $8.50. v ' ' 4Ip 'yföf:'. The Good Neighbor: How the ■$jj7 ':" United States Wrote the 'rM 0 HLstory of Central America and OTÏLV the Caribbean by George Black, JW, Pantheon, $9.95. K RflBwPfc. Why Are They Weeplng? South PPfflK Afrkra tndcr APartheid r r -j photographs by David C. Tumley. ■■J Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, SI 9.95. W -Jfc The Free and the Lnfree, a New W "f NÊ History of the ünited States by M TF 1 Peter N. CarroU and David W. Noble, V - i7 Pelican, $7.59. %A i Waltzing with the Dktaton w Jfe Ê I Tbe Marcoses aad thc Making 13 wVÖ-tfflH t&} of American Forelgn Polky by ■r M MrlS k9 P 303 South State, 668-7652


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