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Agenda's 2nd Annual Holiday Shopping Spree

Agenda's 2nd Annual Holiday Shopping Spree image Agenda's 2nd Annual Holiday Shopping Spree image
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Dear Readers: Befare you drive out to Briarwood in a last minute X-mas shopping freray, take a minute now to peruse thefollowing list ofalternative gifts, many ofthem a phone cali or short drive away. You willfind items f or sale that can't be bought in shopping mails and all ofthem can be given in good conscience as your money also helps groups in the community whose work deserves our support. For those of you who insist on one-stop shopping, many of the groups lisled below will be showing their items Dec .4 at the A Iternative Holiday Fair, sponsor ed by First Baptist Church and nterfaith Council for Peace,from3pmto7pm,at First BaptistChurchFellowshipHall,512E.Huron663-9376(see4Sunday in CALENDAR ) ZEN BUDDfflST TEMPLE, 1214 Packard, 48104, 761-6520 The Zen Temple is selling the books: The Dhammapada, Thomas Byrom, ed., the sayings of Buddha in a beautiful format, $9.95; Paintings of Unlimited Action, modem Zen calligraphy in colors and black & white, by the Mad Monk, Jung Kwang, for $23; Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh for $8.50. "Every day we do things, we are things, that have to do with peace. If we are awareof ourlifestyle, our way of consuming, our way of looking at things, we will know how to make peace right in the moment we are alive." We are also selling meditation beads, a stríng of 108, wood or seeds, for $15, meditation cushions (zafus) and mats (zabutons) in black, navy and grey for $40. These items are made at the temple. Please pre-order before Dec. 15. YPSILANTI FOOD CO-OP (YFC), 312 N. River, Ypsilanti 48198, 483-1520 At the Coop in Depot Town, you can find T -shirts ($7 50), sweatshirts ($14.50) and shopping bags ($4.50$7.25) adomed with YFC's c trated logo. We also offer cookbooks, beeswax candles (2S3), and cards from local artisans and the Ann Arbor Ecology Center. The co-op will also have handspun yams, washable baby dolls, finger puppets and angels, the Ypsilanti Heritage Foundation's Calendar ($4), and traditional Amish piecework (pin-cushions, needie cases). WORLD HUNGER EDUCATION ACTION COMMITTEE (WHEAC), 4202 Michigan Union, 48109 Our turquoise and gray T-shirts have a beau ti ful design of women carrying food and the words, "Working for Peace and Development." Shirts are 100% cotton, s-m-1, and cost $10. Oxfam calendare, with 12 full-color pictures, are $8. "Children of the earth" greeting cards are $7.506, and Oxfam America holiday cards are $2.956. New Internationalist cards, with reproductions of the bestphotos from the calendar, are $7 and $10. Items are available at the Alternative Holiday Fair, at WHEAC meetings at 6 pjn. on Mondays, or from Siri at 663-4301. WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE FOR PEACE AND FREEDOM "It will be a great day when the schools have all the money they need and the Pentagon has to hold a bake sale to build a bomber" is the logo on WILPF's blue Tshirts for $7.50, notecards for $3.50, and posters at $3 and $.50. Items are available from Bev Fish, 1406 W. Cross, Ypsilanti 48197, 484-1897. WOMEN'S ACTION FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT (WAND), 1412 Russell, 48103 This year WAND has holiday cards with a tree and "Peace" in English and Russian, 10 $5; WAND cards which say, "Children ask the world of us," 10S5; the Mother's Day white doves Tshirt in aqua, royal blue, and raspberry, children's sizes $5, adults $6; and WAND T-shirts with mother and child in lavendar or white, children's $7, adults $8. Both children's T-shirts come in sizes 24, 6-8, 10-12, and 14-16. Aduit's come in sizes s, m, 1, and xl. To order, write WAND at the above address. Add 10% for postage. UNITED COALITION AGAINST RACISM (UCAR) & FREE SOUTH ÁFRICA COORDINATING COMMITTEE (FSACC), rm. 3, E. Engineering, U-M, 48109 996-1809 Our T-shirt is white with red and black. The design is fist on a square and says, "UCAR and the people united will ne ver be def eated." T-shirts can be purchased on a sliding scale from $7.50 to$10, insizess, m, 1, & xl. We sell a poster with the same design for $1. We also sell subscriptions to Race and Class, a London-based magazine published by the Institute of Race Relations, $16year. FSACC's T-shirts & tank tops are $10 in sizes s, m, 1, & xl. The tank top is white with black and has an illustration of África with a chain, and says "Power to the ANC and SWAPO." The other shirt comes in various colors with two fists, and says "Abolish Apartheid." FSACC also sells Nelson Mándela posters, $16 mounted, $7 unmounted, and South África politica! prisoner ' Iets for $7.50 PERFORMANCE NETWORK OF ANN ARBOR, 408 W. Washington, 48103, 6630681 Buy someone you adore a Performance Network Passport. Each passport includes six admissions to any show at Performance Network for only otS30. Passports are available at the above address, 12 noon to 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. PALESTINE SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE is selling Bir Zeit University T-shirts with a cedar tree design on the back for $ 1 2. We also have hatta scarves, in black and white for $10 to $15. Order through Hilary at 663-0045. INTERFAITH COUNCIL FOR PEACE & JUSTICE aCP), 730 Tappan, 48104, 6631870 ICP is selling books: Ammunition for Peacemakers which refutes the "peace through strength" argument and discusses non-violent civilian-based defense, by Phillips Moulton for $7.95; There is a Season, ICP cookbook highlighting seasonal dishes using the produce of Michigan farmers, $6; Covenant for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons Kit, which includes the Socially Responsible Buyer's Guide, shows how consumere can support non-defense related producers, $5 for Kit, $3 for Buyers Guide only; and the Star Wars Coloring Book shows the negative aspects of Star Wars through a coloring book for elementary age kids, $1 each. We have lots of T-shirts: "Interfaith Council for Peace - Sowing Seeds of Justice," all sizes in navy and fuscia; "Peace Now," kids m & 1, adults m, 1, & xl in fuscia, hot blue and lime green; "Raise Less Com and More Heil - Save our Family Farms," adult s & m in yellow & beige; "Wage Peace" in adult s, m, 1, & xl in hot blue & fuscia. Adult shirts are $7, kid's are $6.50. We will sing the holiday song of your chotee to a friend or loved one for $3 over the phone or $5 in person. For $1, you can buy embargoed coffee beans from Nicaragua, break the embargo, and write President Reagan and Congress to teil them why you did it. Other items include holiday cards with the Interfaith design, $4 for 12 cards and envelopes, assorted bumper stickers for $1 and buttons for 50 cents. Items are available at the Altemative Holiday Fair or at the Interfaith Council. HUMANE SOCIETY OF HURÓN VALLEY, 662-5545. Accompany your pet to a special photo session with Santa Paws to benefit the Humane Society. A 3 .5 "x 4.25" photo is $7, two wallets are $6 or $12 for all three. December3 and 10, from 1 1 am to 4 pm, at the Ann Arbor Dog training Club, 1575 E. North Territorial Rd. Don't forget to bring a dog leash or cat cage. HILLEL FOUNDATÏON, 1429 Hill Street, 48104, 769-0500 Only at Hillel! "Meesheegan" T-Shirts in maize and blue! Oversized Hillel tees $5. GRAY PANTHERS OF HURÓN VALLEY, 2406 Geddes, 48104, 662-2111 We sell the Socially Responsible Buyer's Guide, a 28-page pamplet listing consumer products froni'companies with the largest contracts fornuclear weapons systems or other military equipment, and equivalent products from companies not involved in nuclear or other weapons, $3. The Guide is available at SANE FREEZE, 1416 Hill St. (Friends Center), Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, 730 Tappan (Memorial Christian Church), WAND (Rena Soifer, 663-6318), Gray Panthers (Don Pelz, 662-2111). ECOLOGY CENTER OF ANN ARBOR, 417 Detroit St., 48104, 761-3186 Be the first one on your block to not only give 100% recycled paper greeting cards, but 100% recycled paper gift wrap as well! Cards by local artists, with or without messages, are $6 per dozen. Gift wrap is S3.80 per package. CAMPAIGN AGAINST VIOLENT TOYS, 1826 Hanover, 48104 We have the poster "Looking for good values in children's toys this season? Choose non-violent toys," with a picture of a toy box in green and red for $2. We're also selling buttons in rainbow colors that say "Boycott War Toys," for SI . These items are available at Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice (663-1870) or Pound House Children's Center, Joan Horton, 764-2547. ANN ARBOR TENANTS UNION, 4001 Michigan Union, 48109, 936-3076 This year the Tenants Union offers white, gray or cream""No Landsharks" T-Shirts inl00% cotton in sizes s, m, 1 & xl. The design, printed in black, gray and red, is the international "no" symbol over a landshark with the "Ann Arbor Tenants Union" logo. ANN ARBOR-JUIGALPA SISTER CITY TASK FORCÉ will be selling the 1989 "Let Nicaragua Live" Calendar for $7.50. The calendar has two photos each by Ann Arbor photographers Mike Massey and Gregory Fox. It can be purchased at the Dec. 4 Altemative Holiday Fair, Borders Book Shops and the People's Food Co-ops. AMISTAD, 802 Monroe, 48104, 761-7960 Our t-shirts have a picture of the AMISTAD soil testing lab and say, "Peace with Nicaragua." Sizes s, m, 1 and xl are available on white, green, yellow, or gray shirts, $8-10, sliding scale. AGENDA, 202 E. Washington #512, 48104, 996-8018 AGENDA offers reduced rates on multiple subscriptions to AGENDA. First one-year subscription S15 U.S. $30 International. Each additional i ne-year subscription only $7.50 U.S. $15 Interna■ i onal. Give the gift that gi ves all year long ! AGENDA 100% cotton T-shirts are available in black on red or black on blue, s, m, 1 & xl for Si 2, or free with a $50 donation (alsoincludes subscription).


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