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DROWNING THE LAST RA1NFORESTS ON EARTH They're monuments to human folly so gimies under billions of dollars in foreign debt, gantic they can be seen from outer space. utterly destroy unique tribal cultures, conAnd they're being built with yourtax dollars. demn rare species to final extinction, threatIn Thailand, Malay sia, Brazil , Central Ameren to alter the dimate of our globe. . . ca, África, India, giant dams are dooming And in a single lifetime, many will be the last rainforests left on the planet plugged with silt, completely useless. They breed disease, sink fragüe econoENGINEERING GONE M AD These ecológica! catastrophes are the flood 25,000 square miles of rainforest, product of technocratie thinking gone Halfway around the world, in Thailand, the wire and engineering gone mad. Nam Choan Dam would block the River Kwai One example: Balbina Dam in the Amasmack in the middle of the last intact rainzon. It's destroying 1,000 square miles of virforest in Southeast Asia. Sited in an active gin rainforest, for a yield of electricity so earthquake zone, the dam endangered the tipitiful even the World Bank admits the dam ger, clouded leopard, Indian elephant, Javan should ne ver have been started. The project rhino, and every human being who li ved downwas so badly thought out that nobody planstream until Thai ecology groups won a lastned to harvest trees being inundated- until a minute halt. contract was let to a Brazilian company with The bad news: dozens of other collosal close military ties Their answer? Bombard mistakes are still being made from China to the watershed with defoliants similar to Honduras. Agent Orange. Brazil eventually plans to DISEASE, DEBT, AND ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER Bakun Dam, referred to in our headline, sessed, miserable rainforest refugees crowdwill be Southeast Asia's largest dam (its face ing the cities of the equator, will equal the total area of Singapore Island). And if past experience on other giant dam It will drown almost 400 square miles of Borprojects is any guide, those unfortunates neo rainforest and open up thousands more who remain on the margins will be wracked to rapacious timber-cutting. with disease. Malaria is epidemie in reservoir It will destroy 52 tribal villages. Thousands áreas; crippling, fatal parasitic maladies also of families, self-sufficient for countless genskyrocket. Elephantiasis and veneral diseaserations, will end up impoverished slumdwelles decimate the rest ers, joining literally millions of other disposT0 SAVE THE RAINFORESTS These arent really devetepment projects, To stop more of these giant tombs from theyVe destruction projects. being built in the rainforests, we should stop Not dams as we know them, but subsidizing them through the World Bank gantuan concrete headstones marking the and other lenders. To take decisive action, liquidation of human cultures, the extinction return the coupon betow.Thankyou. of spectacular creatures, the impoverishment of nations, and the Wholesale destrucRandall Hayes bon of irreplaceable environments, the tropiRainforest Action Network cal rairiforests sheltering half of our planers local contact: Rainforest Action genefcc mhentance. Movement 764-2147 f- - - ..... -.--.-- _ Mammoth dam projects threaten thousand of suare miles of the planet's remaining tropical rainforest. Teil me how I can turn back this threat...and aid courageous environmentalists and tribal peoples around the world. Here's my tax-deductible contribution to help rescue the rainforests and guarantee genuine, sustainable development : [ ]$10 [ ]$20 [ ]$35 [ ]$50 [ ]$100 [ ]$500 [ ]aher ! NAME " I ■ ADDRESS ■ ■ OTY- STATE- 2IP " j Make checks payable to Rainforest Action Network and return this coupon to: L m 30 Broadway' S""6 28 San Francisco, California 94133


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