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For some time now, we Agendoids have been wondering why so few activist groups in the area take advantage of the opportunity to publicize their work in AGENDA. Whatever the work is - cleaning up the environment, fighting racism, poverty and hunger, fighting a foreign U.S. foreign policy, working for peace and disarmament - every organization needs to communicate to the public their goals and their needs. We wonder just what is going on out there in activistland when only a handful of groups are resourceful enough to put together $20 a month and a page of nformation for the Community Resource Directory, a section of this paper set aside exclusively for such purposes. AGENDA circulates 20,000 copies each month, free of charge from over 350 locations in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester, Saline, Milan, and Whitmore Lake. If you want your organization to grow in size and become more effective, the place to start - the bare minimum it seems - is to publicize your work. Where and how often do you meet? What are your goals? Who are your members? What is the group's agenda? The place to publicize this information is right here, in the Community Resource Directory, and in AGENDA'S Calendar. Try if you will for this kind of access to any other media in the area. It simply doesn't exist. You don't have to break laws - you don't have to get arrested - to be newsworthy in AGENDA. You don't have to a member of the Chamber of Commerce. You don't have to be hip, artsy or fashionable. AGENDA is a door to a curious public looking for news they can't find elsewhere. All you have to do is open t. Cali 9968018 to find out how. COMMUNITY RESOURCE DIRECTORY (CRD): CRD listings should contain your group's current activities and news. Include meeting times and places. They will be automatically inserted in the Calendar. For a minimum fee, your organization can greatly increase its public visibility through the CRD. CRD entries for January are due Dec. 15. VOLUNTEERS: Cali 996-8018 if you can help distribute the paper or assist with fundraising. AGENDA also needs writers, reporters, assistant editors, and computer typists. We will train. ADVE RTISING & SUBSCRI PTIONS: AGENDA ads can work for community organizations advertising job openings, publicizing political events, or advertising items for sale. The deadline for camera-ready ads is the 23rd of each month. Please reserve space by the 15th. AGENDA also offers art production services. Write or cal I for an advertising rate card. We are also seeking experienced advertising representatives to work for AGENDA. Cali 996-8018! To change the subject, how about sending an AGENDA subscription to a friend who has moved away f rom Ann Arbor or even to one who lives here?! And how about a groovy AGENDA T-shirt? Support Ann Arbor's only FREE altemative newsmonthly. DEADLINES for January Issue: Doe. 10: News feature first drafts. Dec. 15: Calendar & Community Resource Directory listings. Dec 23: camera-ready art deadline. AGENDA, 202 E. Washington 512, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104, 996-8018.


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