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"BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS. it was not that i MUMMiM! shut my eyes t0 see read so many. I read ■H1IW1M once more those and reread the same Huifl walls faced with ones. But all of HHHH books. In those days them were necessary HH V l could find them in to me. Their BZt H tie dar' ' never presence, their V'%% took a lamp when I smell, the letters of L wrf went at mêht t0 their titles and the WBSÊm choose one, ït was texture of their Ag enough to feel my leather bindings. Mi way, as though on . „ ., fSX the keyboard of a Alter all these sa e. ubrty ((JmLj ims-utd , ., i-vitv.1 uu u.wv 995 ioo8 ilBbkJ -2270 niano, al ons the yedTS, l naVC Ulliy IU olthMkhgnThrl =====y o(íheCímpUsThMtn cVlíilTfiO M Colette, My Mother's House


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