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I am a law student at Wayne State Uni versity who is very concerned about preserving and improving Michigan's environment. The task of cleaning up and safeguarding the environment has been entrusted to vartous government agencies. The local governments have delegated this responsibility to the county health departments. The state has charged the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with it and the federal government utilizes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for safeguarding and cleanup. Michigan's environment is the base upon which our childrens future and our economy will be built. Our state's resources and future are too valuable to completely entrustto these bureaucracies. The public should beoome more aware of the seríousness of Michigan's present situation and what is being done about it. It is our environment and our responsibility. Concerned people can apply the pressure needed to forcé these agencies to investígate suspected contamination sites and demand that they be cleaned up. Michigan's bureaucrat-hdden system is extremely slow and neffecti ve in both of these regards. The voters of Michigan passed a $450 million bond to provide public funds for cleanups. The funds are at risk of being largely wasted by inefficiënt and directionless remediation plans. The government needs our help. Let them know of suspected pollution sites and find out what they are domg about them. Below s a list of telephone numbers you can use to report spílls, dumping, leaky storage tanks, pesticide contamination or any other potentially threatening activities. You have a right to know all of the hazardous substances you may be exposed to on the job. We all have a right to obtain files and documents under the Freedom of Information Act from these agencies to find out what they are doing, or not doing, about cleaning up Michigan. Citizens of Michigan must take the initiative to prevent wasting our bond issue and to make a very ineffective system of policing the environment more efficiënt so we can pass on a promising future to our children. Environmental Hollines: Washtenaw County Health Department, 994-2490; Michigan Department of Natural Resources, 51 7-344-9440; State Toxic Substance Control Commission, 517-373-1031; Michigan Department of Public Health, 51 7-335-8259; Michigan DNR (Freedom of Information Act Info), 517-3733503; Michigan Health Department Toxics División, 800-648-6942 ; U .S. Environmental Protection Agency Community Right-to Know, 800-535-0202; EPA Environmental Health Hotline, 800-458-1 158; EPA Safe Drinking Water, 800-426-4791; EPA Toxic Exposure, 800-648-6732.


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