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I I SOLEMNLY SWEAr THAT FAWN HALL V SHREDDEDALLMY ) COPIES OF AGENDA I v - Til AGENDA "I xSPIto needsyou! VMciöOi Like Public radl or televisión. VUH wSiiloi AGENDA is designed to proiect -5oK the public voice In the media, tw J not make a and there fore must rely on community 1 _ support. Anno r.ntnn t chirtc Yu can keep AGENDA'S voice 100%COttOn t-SninS strong by sscribing for $15 black on redor black on blue $30mternationai or making a contribution, entitlmg you S m I xl to great premiums! $12 or f ree with $50 donation Dónate Subscribe Buy a T-Shirt K-Tl-ffliil-m M NAME t-shirt$12(nosubscription) ; one year $15U.S. ADDRESS one year $30lnternational mjmfm; CITYSTATEZIP c Mc .„ . . . T-SHIRT SIZE & COLOR (blue or KD For $25 you will receive a subscription and a Freedom of Information Act Piease ni your check 10: HandbOOk. AGENDA, 202 E. Washington #51 2, Ann Aroor, Ml 48104 For $50 you wlll receive a subscription and a spiffy AGENDA t-shirt 7CL0SED


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