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No One Deserves Dioxins And Pcbs

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I offer as an addendum to Hal Grano's arricie "Área Toxic Dump Fought" n the October, 1989 AGENDA, that in addition to the rural population of the área n question, there are "forgotten residents." Milán is the location of a medium securíty federal príson which houses some 1,400 men. While the issue of penal reform is a thorny issue, once incarcerated by the state, does not the health and welfare of these people become our responsibility? Disentranchised by society, these men do not even have the ability to "vote with their feet" f they feel their welfare threatened. Already used as captive labor for the war machine by prison industries (UNICOR), now these men would be torced to drink water and to breathe air laced with Chemical wastes. Even convicted felons don't deserve PCB's and dioxin.


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