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Hands Off Panama

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Recent editorials and commentaries have unfortunately backed up President Bush's attempts to overthrow General Noriega of Panama. This is a blatant attack on Panama's sovereignty and an attempt to reverse the Torrijos-Carter treaty thatwill give Panama back control of ts canal-which t rightly deserves. Since the beginning of this century, Panama's working people and farmers struggled against U.S. corporate and financial domination of their country. Under the popular leadership of General Omar Torrijos from 1 968-8 1 , the Panamanian people won gress n thier quest for independence and self-determination and for ultímate sovereignty over the canal that their forebearers constructed with their sweat and blood. Social and economie measures implemented during that period improved living conditions for hundreds of thousands. The Socialist Workers Party condemns the U.S. government's war mongering and demands that Panama be left alone to solve its internat problems. Washington should abide by the 1 977 treaties and lift all current diplomatic and economie sanctions.


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