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I have never joined NOW, worked at a PI anned Parenthood clinic, or attended a marchrally for choice in Washington, D.C. or Lansing. like many other people who feel strongly about issues of choice, I have spent my time letting others fight battles I thought were won. Instead, I worked in Cub Scouts, PTO, city and school committees, and the local Democratie Party. I wanted to devote my efforts toward changes I thought needed to be made; I beh'eved that, with the Roe v Wade decisión, choice was no longer in jeopardy. Today, I find myself urging you to vote for the Zone of Reproductive Freedom. Why should you vote for Proposal C in the Ann Arbor election on Monday, April 2? The Zone of Reproductive Freedom charter amendment would set a maximum $5 fine for having orperforming an abortion in Ann Arbor if abortion once again becomes illegal in Michigan. Abortion is legal in Michigan and has been since 1973. Some people will teil you that this is a deplorable state of aff airs. Others will teil you that they are pro-choice, but do not think that this issue belongs in a local election. I believe that the only way pro-choice voters can be heard is to make choice a local issue. We need to remind our state and national leaders that most voters do not believe that matters of privacy (such as contraception and aborlion) belong in criminal courts. Currently, no law is in force in the state of Michigan that res trie ts or prohibits abortion. Gov. Blanchard consistently vetoes efforts by the State Legislature to créate such laws; the pre-Roe v Wade law still on the books cannot be enforced while Roe v Wade is in effect However, itmay be only a matter of time bef ore the State Legislature is able to muster enough votes to override Governor Blanchard's veto. He may not be Govemor if he loses his bid for re-election this November. And the Supreme Court is under constant pressure to overtum Roe v Wade. The people working to gamer votes for the proposed Zone of Reproductive Freedom charter amendment sincerely hope that it will never have to go into effect. We do not believe that any group of people - especially the State Legislatura, pandering to rightwing fanatics - -has the right to impose criminal sanctions for making a very private decisión. Pro-choice supporters recognize that abortion is only one choice available to women who are surprised by a pregnancy. It is easy for people who wish to elimínate choices to créate an almosphere which encour(ee PROPOSAL C, page 11) ü YES NO