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I have been an avid reader and supporter of AGENDA ever since its inception. Since September, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of listings for Hillel in the Calendar section of the paper, from five in the September issue to 23 in the January February issue. This has created concern for me, as I feel some of their en tries conflict with the alternati ve views that I seek in this paper. For example, I am very uncomfortable with some of the listings for pro zionist pro-lsrael activities, especially in light of the inhumane treatment of the Palestinian populations living in Israel. I was raised as a Jew (for those of you who need this information) and feel that these organizations represent the mainstream rather than an alternativo Jewish perspective. On the other hand, I do support the activities of the New Jewish Agenda (for example) which represents an alternative Jewish perspective. Another thing that concerns me is that none of the organizations listed with the activities located at Hillel have partidpated in the Community Resource Directory, bought advertising or submitted articles. Are they using the paper for free publicity or do they intend to particípate in the future? I welcome their contributions, however, I do not prefer these organizations to dominate the paper either. I just want to know what they are about and learn what is so alternative about their organizations, if this is the case.