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Living in the thriving metropolis of Winfield, PA (pop. 200) it's good to be able to find out what's going on in Ann Arborwith our monthly issue of AGENDA. The calendar from the January-February issue was somewhat disturbing, however. After just reading two articles in Zeta discussing the atrocities being committed by the Israeli government against the Palestmians, I found a calendar tem in AGENDA advertising "Israel Information Days" where people could "meet with the representatives of the the Jewish Agency and Young Judea who wilL.answer questions about programs n Israel." I know what a struggle t is to keep AGENDA going and that you are ncredibly overworked, but you've got to keep your eyes out for things like this. Imagine what it would look like f you had an ad for the South African or Salvadoran government. Obviously it is desirable to keep AGENDA open to as many people as possible, but the current Israeli government is as viciously racist and reactionary as any in the world.