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At a time when people of visión - including such unlikely people as William F. Buckley and George Shultz - are taking a long hard look at the "war on drugs" and coming to the conclusión that decnminalizationlegal ization may be the best offensi ve weapon, Ann Arbor, usually a trend setter, is in retrogression. Mayor Jernigan, along with all but two of the council members, has voted to put the $5 marijuana fine on the ballot tor repeal. It is always interesting that politidans who have no principies, always seem to come up with these things around election time. Sensing a major clash coming up between opponents and proponents of legalization, and noting that city eiections generally lean to republicanism, local Democrats apparently will go populist and play to the conservative gallery. In fact, of the main parties, only the Libertarían, consistentiy for individual human rights, appears to be the only trustworthy party. Maintaining principie, it stays off bandwagons constructed solely for the purpose of currying votes. When Ann Arborites voted in the $5 fine they were saying that there were more important priorities. A repeal of that fine and a return to office of the people and parties that put the referendum on the ballot will send out the message that this city is no longer in the forefront of progressive thought. A lot of us do not like having any fines, but faced with even higher fines or a return to prison sentences, compromising principie to keep the smaller fine seems a small price to pay. Lette Inteoded for puWication hould be anl to: AGENDA, 202 E. Washington #512, Ann Arbor 48104. AGENDA reserve the rigrrt to edit, condense or reject ny letter. Ptease include an address and tetephooe number (nol for pubücabon).