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Sapac Needs Phone Counselors

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The University of Michigan Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) has been open for tour years. As a result, there s much more nformation about rape prevention on campus and there are more ways for people to get involved in fighting against sexual assault and sexism. SAPAC was established in 1985 due to the awareness and activism of students. Our 24hour phone line (936-3333) began operating in October 1 988. Currently, we need women volunteers to answer phones and provide emergency intervention and support to sexual assault survivors and their friends and family at the hospital, the pólice station and other locations. Part of our goal as an educational center is to convey nformation that challenges popular myths about rape. While some rapes are committed by strangers who either break into homes or strike outside at night, the vast majority of rapes are committed by acquaintances. In fact, 90% of all rapes on college campuses are acquaintance rape. Another common misconception about rape is that Black men rape white women. In fact, 93% of the time, the rapist is the same race and social class as the survivor of the assault. Volunteering for the crisis line is a rewarding experience: one can help a person in need dispel popular myths and work toward changing sotietal attitudes. We are looking for women who would be willing to dónate 10-15 hours a month toward staffing the line. Training for phone counselors will begin in September. Experience in phone or peer counseling is preferred but not necessary. Women of color are encouraged to apply to work on the line, for their experience and support is valuable to rape crisis work. Applications are available at SAPAC office from February 19th thru March 16th. For more nformation cali 763-5865. The University of Michigan Sexual Assault Prevention Center (SAPAC), 3100 Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, Ml 48109; 763-5865, 24-hour phone line 936-3333.


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