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Solidarity Discusses Women And The Cuban Revolution

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The Solidarity Discussion Series wilt continue with a talk on Tuesday, March 20, featuring Margarita Samad-Matías on "Women and the Cuban Revolution. "Samad-Matías, who teaches at City University in New York, in the Caribbean Women's and Ethnic studies programs, is a specialist on women and social movements in Cuba and the Horn of África. So if you would like to hear something about Cuba besides the hysterical cant propagated from Washington- and grapple with complicated questions involving the intersection of gender and social change while you're at it - come join us and listen to someone who actually knows what they are talking about. The talk gets under way at the Guild House at 7:30 p.m. and it is free. Solidarity is an organization committed to building a non-sectarian and radically democratie socialist movement in the U.S.. We are socialist activists who place a high priority on partiápating in an open and constructive manner in ie struggles against raasm and sexism, as well as the struggles for lesbian and gay rights and national liberation. In Ann Arbor, our members participate in the Latin America Solidarity Committee, the Feminist Women's Union, the United CoaNtion Against Racism, the Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Free Southern África Coordinating Committee, and Concemed Faculty. We firmly believe that any socialist movement worthy of the name must join in such struggles now rather than perpetúate the Ilusión that they can either be separated from or take a back seat to the dass struggle. We oppose the growing U.S. drive toward war, whether that be in the Middle East or Central America. We support the PLO and the FMLN in their struggles against Israeli and U.S. oppression. We see the need for international solidarity among working people and the oppressed in a period of concessions, deindustriaNzation, unemployment and the growing debt crisis. We believe in a creativo rethinking of socialism for the '90s in which an open environment and a variety of views is more important than presenting a monolithic face to the world or engaging in pratenses of being "the vanguard." Solidarity, 4104 Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, Ml 48109, 6652709.


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