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Thanks To A2's Free Press

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Thanks to A2's Free Press

I have been a prisoner of the Federal Department of Justice for the past six years. I am to be released tomorrow. For several years I was imprisoned near Ann Arbor at Milan. During that time I carne to recognize the special nature of the city of Ann Arbor. In its enlightened political atmosphere I was introduced to a true alternative press through its myriad books and periodicals and to the potential of public-supported radio stations.

I return now, a practicing artist, to my native Texas. This will be a joyful experience for me as I rejoin my family, but I am not the same person that left (the state of Texas is not known as a bastion of progressive thought).

Even from within the stifling confines of the criminal justice system I was able to see in your city's alternative media a forum for individual thought. This is becoming a rare item, in our nation of powerful political action committees and the tyranny of the majority, its attitudes and opinions shaped and molded by the mass media to the ends of its corporate ownership.

I read somewhere that it is good to avoid gratuitous absolutos. In our times of bipolar issues and politics, it is important to remember that we cannot make choices based upon partial, poor, or misleading information given us by the mass media. We owe it to ourselves to make these decisions only after we examine an issue from all aspects.

Publications such as AGENDA are instrumental in our becoming an informed constituency. We can grasp a bright future or we can bury our heads in the sand and let others make our choices for us. I, for one, am grateful for the efforts of AGENDA and the rest of Ann Arbor's alternative media.

Paul R. Green



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