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Is Parke-davis Hiding Something?

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WhiletraversingthesprawlingpremisesofParkeDavis on my way to a glass-fortified reception desk, I witnessed the brutal cage transfer of about 1 2 dogs from the cages of a nondescript, rusty delivery truck to the company's own delapidated ones. Horrified to see the neck seizing and shaking of the confused, yelping creatures, I voiced a vigorous protest, which was answered with the silent grin of indifference by surrounding employees. After repeating my protests while delivering a package to a glass wall-secured receptionist, I was followed by four upper-echelon company officials, and a policeman, who also denied the veracity of my statements and tried to frighten me with his gruff demeanor. I am 71 years old, very hard of hearing, as well as suffering from advanced cardio-vascular diseases, rather slow, and never touched a lethal weapon. Why is Parke-Davis so frightened and hostile to tender hearted outsiders, be they man or beast. What are they anxious to hide?


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