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Hussein's No Saint

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Service to humanity, to the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed, s half of any worthwhile religiĆ³n. I have known some diehard atheists who lived this half of religiĆ³n and I have known many persons who claimed to be "born again" Christians, Muslims, etc., who acted as though they could love and serve Allah while callously ignoring the plight of his earthly creatures. Which brings me to the war that's looming in the Middle East. The Sabah family of Kuwait and the Saud family of Arabia are utterly corrupt and unIslamic. The only king in Islam is Allah. The Prophet Muhammad stated that the only nobility is that of the heart and that character and piety s the only suitable measure of a person, not birth n a so-called royal family. Saddam Hussein is no saint. Now they're calling him Hitler. But as long as he was gassing Kurds (who have no oil) and the hated Iranians, then he was a good Hitler. He was the West's pet Hitler. As soon as he invaded Kuwait, then all of a sudden the White House sprouts principies against the violation of territorial integrity. This war will not be the cake-walk the American media wants the public to believe.


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