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Wand: Yes To A Nuclear Test Ban

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'Events in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ncrease the urgency and importance of a Comprehensivo Test Ban (CTB)... One only has to consider the effect on stability and security in the Middie East today if Iraq had nuclear Weapons. Time is short if we are to prevent a nuclear catastrophe in this century. A CTB is the first essential step to prevent that catastrophe." - Admiral Eugene Carroll, Deputy Director of the Center for Defense Information A wide variety of national religious bodies and other groups are urging the U.S. to vote yes on a nuclear test ban treaty at the United Nations Comprehensivo Test Ban Treaty Conference being held January 7-18. If the U.S. and Britain vote "yes" 1 1 8 nations altogether will be bou nd to end all nudear explosions. The Test Ban Treaty would : end all test explosions of nuclear weapons; prevent the creation of new, more dangerous nudear weapons; curb the spread of nudear weapons to other countnes; stop radia tioncontamination in the U.S., USSR., China and the South Pacific; and rule out costty new weapons at a time of huge déficits and tough budget choices. The U.S. however is expected to veto the treaty. In Ann Arbor, 12 congregations and peace groups are holding a Daily Vigil for a U.S. Yes to a Nuclear Test Ban at 1 2 noon each day of the U.N. Treaty Conference, Mon., Jan. 7through Fri. Jan. 18, 1991. Itwillbe held atthe Federal Building on the corner of Liberty and ñfth Ave. and will last until 1 pm most days. A giant puppet of planet earth plus a large banner and signs will cali attention to the fateful decisión being made this month and our govemmenfs role in it. For more nformation contact Tobi HannaDavies 663-1 870 or 662-7869 or Sarah Cooleybeck 662-1334 or 662-2475. WAND (Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament), P.O. Box 1815, Ann Arbor, Ml 481061815, 761-1718.


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