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IS CELEBRHTING r WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH U WiU Ffc66 5UooNí! O Highlighting Books That UJRITE UJOMEN BflCK INTO HISTORV MjgSESSgTïm Brought to Bed: Childbearing in America, 0i 1750-1950 by Judith Walzer Leavitt. Until the 1 yLáiix mid-1800s, women determined childbirth ElÉÍíÍPlt procedure, because men were cxcluded from WËgF' XtM birüiing rooms. How did it come to pass that Pf&Ê&irsuch a woman-ccntcred event changcd to a ii'ayJjYsí1 centered medical activity largely BSata'r' controlled by men? Unequal Sisters: A Multicultural Reader in UNEQUAL U.S. Women's History Ellen Carol Dubois SISTERS and Vicki L. Rutz, eds. is a path-breaking . collection that provides a much needed 1 cultural multicultural approach to the history of women TY!t reader in the U.S. Issues of wage work, family life, t'&á I!SC , political activism, community building, and lifiiJiS history sexual difference are addressed and explored from a multicultural perspective. also Classroom Displays, Childrens Books, Mugs, Posters and More! COMMON LRNGURGE Akk Atloi'4 FetKiKlit Boöjto VisaAlC Welcome 2 14 S"thnAVenUe Tues-Sat 12-8 663-036 Sun 12-4


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