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Once again, the American people are at a crossroads and must face critical decisión s. Before our eyes, the powers of greed and avarice that have gripped this country for so long beckon us to wake up. To wake up from a slumber of selfíshness and ngratitude, to break free from the chains of petty concerns and apathy that bind us. The message put forth so strongly by national figureheads, that America, land of opportunity, stands true for fewer and fewer individuáis. Itis time to examine this message and explore a new direction. As personal freedoms continue to be assaulted, as environmental degradation wracks the land, as emotional turmoil paralyzes people, the dream of America slips dimly into the horizon. It seems as f we have awakened from a bad dream only to reai ize we were dreaming within our dreams. And in that dream we were offered the hope of an economy that would raise the standard of living for all Americans, of a return to a period of peace and prosperity when Americans could be proud; for a brighter tomorrow for our friends and families. For vast numbers of Americans, that dream is not coming true. The economie benefits always seem to stop trickling when they pass through the pockets of the rich and powerful. The country is engaged in a war in the Persian Gulf to protect interests that have been portrayed to an uncritical public as American interests, where our strength will be determined by the number of bodies counted on the sand. The visión of a brighter tomorrow has been clouded by toxic emotional pollution and desperate circumstances that obscure the hope that remains. Until recently, I feit a great sadness n my heart. I feit that all the work being performed by activists was not enough to stop the oncommg darkness. I was beginning to feel as if we were entering a new dark age. Then I realized that all the darkness in the universe can't dam pen the energy of a few committed individuals. But we are in a period of darkness. It is hard to find support and guidance. Our leaders are taking us deeper into an area where I for one wish not to go. They seem oblivious to the lessons of the past that ciearly show that antiquated modes of conflict resolution, economie revitalization, and community development jeopardize the stability of the entire planet and threaten our very future. Fortunately, we need not continue down this path. Hopefully, we will chose not to. There are people here in Ann Arbor with a visión, a visión I feel passionately about. They have volunteered to bear a torch into a harsh world. They have risked their own personal comfort to carry a message of hope for a brighter future to a world that might not want to listen. They have chosen a path that may bring personal satisfaction, but will bring emotional and physical strain. Few who work behind the scènes can know how it feels to have your character assaulted by people who want nothing more than for the system to remain unchanged. We cannot feel the pain that comes when friends turn their backs and you are pitted against people you thought were your allies. But despite our inability to feel this, we can work together to protect and support each other. The Ann Arbor Greens have chosen to venture out from the security that has provided shelter. We have decided that if others who share the visión of a safer, healthierand happier world want to see that vision flourish, we must spread our message more broadly and strengthen efforts to work together. But it's nasty out friere. Many people have been weakened by defeat or saddened by lack of support. But their knowledge, experience and wisdom can be combined into a powerful beacon of hope. America is at a crossroads. Some have chosen to take a path of surety, to continue down a trail that offers little hope. Others have chosen to carve a new path. Those who have done so desperately need our help. We must act boldly. We must let our visión stand forth as a clear alternative and a beacon of hope. If that visión has merit, it will become clearer to others, and its strength will grow. Together we will turn that visión into reality. We can make it happen. Your support for the campaign will ensure ts success. So let's dream about true democracy, lasting peace, social and economie justice, and ecological sanity. Let us support those whose energy is fiagging, and fuel the fires of those who speak the dream publicly. Let's fan our own fires with love and compassion, with honesty and integrity, with a visión that shall not diminish. Let's set sail for the horizon where our dreams will come true and hold on for the ride. As it has been said, a ship is safe in the harbor, but that's not what ships were made for. By Ed Delhagen. founding member ot the Huron Valley Greens. (Abridged trom a presentaüon at the Ground-Hog Day Benefit tor the Arm Artor Greens Campaign, February 2, 1991). DBAfí READER, This issue of Green Notes is being published through AGENDA as an experiment. The dual focus for this issue is on the Ann Arbor Green Campaign for City Council and the U.S. intervention in the Gulf. Please let us know what you think about our publishing in AGENDA. Our hope is that other grassroots organizations working for progressive change will also consider publishing here. Our budget s meager, and we may not be able to afford AGENDA on a monthly basis. If you want Green Notes to appear in this format again, you can help by becoming a financia! supporter (see the membership form that appears on this page). Both the Huron Valley Greens and the Ann Arbor Greens can use your active support as well. Please refer to the Green and AGENDA Calendars to see when and where you can become involved in our work. Brian R. Chambers.Lauren Sargent, editors This special edi tion of Green Notes was brought to you by the Huron Valley Greens and the Ann Arbor Greens, in cooperation with Agenda Publications. To help defray costs, please send your contributions to the Huron Valley Greens, co 1411 Henry, Ann Arbor. Ml 48104. (663-0003) March 6th, Wednesday, 7 pm: Howard Hawkins on "From Anti-War Movement to Social Change Movement." Michigan League, room D, 3rd floor. Howard is the field organizer for the Left Green Network and a founding member of the antinuclear Clamshell Alliance. He has many articles published in the Guardian, Sojourners, Resist, New Politics, Peace and Democracy News, and Green Letter. Public welcome, reception to follow - location to be announced at the talk. Donations accept ed! March 17th, Sunday, 4-6 pm: Park-In at Ann-Ashley parking structure; wear green and help convert a useless parking deck into a "park" - bring picnic items, frisbees, musical instruments, etc. Cosponsored by Huron Valley Greens and Homeless Action Committee. March 28th, Thursday, 7:30 pm: An evening wlth Patch Adams, healer, humorist and Green supporter. Kuenzel room of the Michigan Union. Patch Adams s the founder of the Gesundheit Institute and is working to develop a model for free health care. His work combines natural health and traditional medicine, as well as the use of humor as a healing art. He is internationally recognized for his innovative approaches to health. Donations accepted! April 1st, Monday: Vote Green! Ann Arbor City Elections. Party at Dominick's, 7 pm. April 7th, Sunday, 6:30-8:30 pm: Business Meeting of the Huron Valley Greens, Guild House, 802 Monroe. New members welcome. Join us for an afterglow to get your questions answered! Elaine Wellin will facilítate the meeting. April 21st, Sunday, 6:30-8:30 pm: Huron Valley Greens Big Circle Discussion Meeting, Guild House, 802 Monroe. Discussion of "Strategies for stopping the war in the Gulf and building alternativo at home." Dalynn Park will facilítate the meeting. V j WHO ARE THE HURÓN VALLEYGREENS? The Hurón Valtey Greens have members throughout the Huron Valley Bioregion addressing many concerns. The Ann Arbor Greens are a subgroup of the Huron Valley Greens. Forthe past three years, members of the Huron Valley Greens have been involved n a wide variety of environmental and social issues including: Publishing the Greenpages, a guide to ecologically and socially responsible local businesses. Supporting the Homeless Action Committee's efforts to provide income housing Testifying before the planning commission and city council against further road widening, parking structures, and any other added infrastructure for cars. Supporting mproved bike and pedestrian paths, public transportation, and restoration of Ann.Arbor's trolley system. Working with the Huron Regional Alliance to develop a comprehensive plan for Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. Co-sponsoring a conference on low level radioactive waste disposal, and lobbying the Michigan legislatura to oppose a nuclear dump. Opposing the Detroit Incinerator, and testifying at EPA hearings on incineration and waste reduction policy. Working on the environmental bond and comprehensive recycling. Joining with Friends of Black Pond in their struggle to preserve Black Pond Woods. Organizing Greenfair and Huron Regional Town Meeting for Earth Day 1 990. Helping to keep the MX Rail Garrison out of Michigan. Opposing the Persian Gulf war and the U .S. Administration's policies in the Middle East. Working with other groups to establish the Nonviolent Action Clearinghouse (6633555). Th is is tor those of you who don't go lor yellow rbbons. Wear a groen ribbon on your lapel, tie one to a tree in front ol your home, put one on your bike or antenna. The green rbbon says "Support the troops by bringing them home now, ALIVEI"


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