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Earth Day Birthday

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!2jj3j32Bí33B3En The Hurón Regional Alliance will celébrate our first birthday, as well as the twenty-first anniversary of Earth Day, at a special potluck meeting on April 22 (see details below and in calendar). We hope that groups, which participated in the Earth Day Regional Town Meeting one year ago or which agree that more and better networking are needed but that have not been attending Alliance meetings, will make a special effort to come on April 22. The Alliance is an ongoing experiment and we need your ideas on how the Alliance can improve its efforts to contribute to a more effecti ve network of environmental, peace, justice, and democracy groups. The recent war illustrates the inherent connections between social movements: money spent on the war will not be available for domestic programs; African-Americans bore much of the front-line combat duty yet cannot secure equal opportunity at home (witness the recent pólice behavior in Los Angeles as well as locally); the war - precipitated some horrible environmental disasters; and many citizens who supported the war were ready to dispense with the First Amendment rights of protesters. We cannot successfully fight our battles in isolation from one another. The Hurón Regional Alliance was formed at the Earth Day Regional Town Meeting on April 7, 1990 in Ann Arbor when 26 environmental, peace, democracy, and social justice groups convened a long-overdue dialog. The Alliance is dedicated to improving the climate for grassroots social change by emphasizing the interconnectedness of social movements and facili tating coopera tion among groups. We believe there isfartoo much duplication , fragmentaron, and isolation on the part of activist groups in the area. We urge groups to give the Alliance a try - one member attending our monthly meeting is a small nvestment that could yield greater support for your group's actions and effectiveness. The next general meetings of the Hurón Regional Alliance are Monday, Apr. 22 at 6:30 pm (potluck), 7:30 pm (meeting) at UAW Local 898, 8975 Textile, Ypsilanti and Monday, May 20 at 6 pm (potluck), 7 pm (meeting) at Goldenrod Farm, 12925 Whittaker, Augusta Township. If your group is sponsoring an action in May or June, this is an excellent opportunity to get support from other groups within the Alliance. For more information, contact us below or see future listings in AGENDA. Hurón Regional Alliance, 1411 Henry, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104; 663-0003


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