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Ann Arbor's Alternativa Newsmonthly EDITORS- Laurie Wechter, Ted Sylvester EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS- Stephanie Harrell, Eric Jackson, Phillis Engelbert (May issue) DISTRIBUTERS- Adam Schreiber, Mike Stratton, Laurie Ham, Jessica Kearns, Paquetta Palmer, Jay Pinka THANKS- LASC, Mike Brostoff, Patrick Ball, Charles Littleton, Howard Stewart, Jeff Gearhart, Lisa Danto, Paquetta Palmer, Valerie Ackerman, Lauren Sargent, Brian Chambers, Ed Delhagen, Andy Basoco, Diane Lausovitch, Mark Baglia, Cari Burns, Eric Jackson, Jay Pinka, Steev Hise, Torn Safford, Jennifer Hall, Karen Robert, Sasha Hied, John Jourden, Jeff Alson, Adam Schreiber, Mike Stratton, Janice Hurtig, Sean Herlihy, Laura Dresser, Renuka Uthappa, Katie Gold, Carol Brooke, Barb Vicory AGENDA I n Independent, nonaligned newmmonthly . puUished by Agenda Publicationa, 202 E. Washington 512, Ann Altoor, M 48104, (313) 96-8018, ISSN 1047-0727. Vol. 6 No. 2, JUNE 1991, Copyright C Agenda Publlcations. - Sutecflpüone: % TSyear U.S.$3O7year irrternaiional. At the i beglnnjng of ƒ yery mpnth. 2P,0pO fy, %{ ft, AGENÜA , are diatributed trom over 325 locatione in the Ann Arbor Metro Área. For advertieing Information cali 996-801S.


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