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mfc gui USB BfFTjrBfl HnH HfnlH f Whales! Whales! Whales! C Harp Seal Watch Special 2-day natural history Magdalen Islands, Eastern Canada expedition visiting Baja Islands Februaiy March, 1992 Saturday 1228 - Sunday 1229 I Cali for rates. i Extend your stay in San Diego - - s visit San Diego Zoo, Sea World, f - n Disneyland, and much more! f Rainf orest Educational From San Diego, CA Workshop Open to All! $250 per person doublé occ. Peru - March, 1992 ($225 34 person stateroom) Special Educators' l air extra Langer trips available! J Ecology Workshops _ Costa Rica - June, 1992 [ Kauai, Hawaii Amazon Basin - July, 1992 J Hike the coastal cliffs of beautiful - - - - n NaPalüSecludedwaterfalls, canyon f South Florida & rainforest exploration, beachEcology Nature Tours tour the Everglades, dig fossils on Accorrmodations from luxury Sanibel's beaches and tour J.N. 1 hotels to camping expeditions. J "Ding" Darling Nat'l Wildlife J - Refuge. Accompanied by experiFlorida Horticultural Tours 1 Tustorrïfor Sgroup ) Visit Florida's famous parks and - ■ - ' gardens, attend workshops. Ideal for x garden clubs! Guided tours See the Real Alaska! [ customized for your group. J Fly-in fishing, naturewildlife tours, 7" sailing and yacht cruises. Abo: Mayan Adventure, Costa Rica l Reserve early for 1992! Rainforest, Belize Reefs & Ruins Travel arrangements wilh personalized service 22729 Foxcroft Wood haven, Michigan 671-0619


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