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Author To Speak On Nicaragua

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On Sal., Oct. 5, "Fire From the Mountain" author, Omar Cabezas will address issues of a changing Nicaragua at Rackham Ampitheater (see CALENDAR for details). The Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC) is group of community members and students active around issues involving Latin America. LASC'sstatement of purpose reads, "LASC is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting the legitímate aspirations of Latin American peoples to self-determlnation. Our goals are to increase awareness here about contemporary realities in Latin America and the U.S. role in perpetuating these, and to pressure our govem ment to change its military, politica!, and economie policies toward Latin America.' ■ In real terms, we are bound together by a common belief in non-intervention and our work focuses on two main áreas - edu catión and direct action. In the past LASC has hosted numerous talks and forums by both local and international speakers. Speakers have ranged from U-M professor John Vandermeer, a noted expert on Nicaragua, to Guatemalan Indian activist Rigoberta Menchu. Last spring, LASC put together a day-long forum on Nicaragua one year after the changeover in govern ment IromrevolutionarySandinistasto U.S. - backed right wingers, and what the change had meant to the revolution. Direct action has also taken many forms. Almost yearly LASC members confront Central Inteiligence Agency personnel witti the crimes of the agency, when the CIA attempts to recruit on campus. In 1986, over 100 LASC members were arrested in a week of sit-ins at the local office of U.S. Rep. Cari Pursell, protesting his support for aid to the contras in Nicaragua. More recently, LASC has promoted a boycott of coffee from El Salvador by pressuring over 60 local stores and restaurants to stop stockingserving Folgers coffee, the largest U.S. buyer of Salvadoran coffee beans. LASC meets every Wednesday at 8 pm in the Michigan Union. Ask at the information desk for the room. If you have any questions, please cali us at 665-8438. Latin America Solidarity Committee, 4120 Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, Ml 48109; 665-8438.


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