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Agenda Has A New Address

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It is our pleasure to announce that, between Jan. 1-9, 1992, AGENDA will be relocating its office to 220 S. Main Street (no, not Main Stream!). Given an interest in publishing and a friendly, generous feeling toward AGENDA, Elmo Morales of Elmo's TShirts fame, has invited our crew to move into a beautif ui, street-level office space at the back of his Main Street store. Not only is Elmo giving AGENDA free rent, he is also upgrading our computer equipment - making it easier to do all of our production in one place. (Hopefully we'll be able to do something as helpful for Elmo some day.) The savings of $275 in monthly rent payments will be redirected to Ypsilanti Press to whom AGENDA still owes a substantial amount of money (you don't want to know how much!). Out phone number will stay the same (996-8018) during the trans ition and if you want to be in on the big move, feel firee to cali us! Starting Jan. 9 you will find us permanentlyestablishedatournew location.Please use the alley entrance off E. Liberty (near Kitty O'Shea's) to come in, if you wish to visit Despite serious financial woes resulting in stress, overwork and understaffing, we are excited about the year to come. Not only will this move save AGENDA money , but it will give us the opportunity to pare down our archives and make long-needed changes. Happy New Year one and all!


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