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In Latín America... 

Only dead fish swim with the current. So move upstream rather than mainstream with the latest in Against the Current is a bimonthly journal featuring independent socialist thought for Ann Arbor's independent thinkers. Recent issues include articles on:

Cecelia Green on Women's Lives in Caribbean Slavery

"Political Correctness" & the Crisis of the Campuses

The New Teamsters

Voices From the LA. Explosion

Multiculturalism as it Really Is

The Future of Abortion Rights

Take the plunge now with our introductory subscription offer of just $15 a year!

Against the Current 7012 Michigan Ave. Detroit. MI 48210

(313) 841-0 160 The Ecology Center 's news letter a guide to environmental action "yf. fact sheets [ X] local, regional, & national l" U environmental issues i J? a calendar of environmental events Join the Ecology Center and receive Ecology Reports. Cali 761-3186 for membership benefits. To become a member, mail $15-$25 to the Ecology Center 417 Detroit St. Ann Arbor 48 1 04 I Mail this ad with your membership and receive free: I m MONTHLY NEWSPAPER AVAILABLE AT BOOKSTORES, ART GALLERIES, newsstands AND at our green NEWSBOXES ON THE STREET...GET A COPY TODAY! 50 CENTS. I LA PALABRA A Journal of the Latín American Solidarity Committee La Palabra provides news & analysis about events in Latin America as well as updates about LASC activities. It is available quarterly from many Ann Albor and campus locations. LATÍN AMERICAN SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE BfrWÜKMMi 4120 MICHIGAN UNION, ANN ARBOR, MI 48109 Phone: (313)665-8438 LASC is a non-pro fit group dedicated to supporting the legitímate aspirations of Latin American peoples to self-determination. Our goals are to increase awareness here about contemporary realities in Latin America and the U.S. role in perpetuating these, and to pressure our government to change its military, politica!, and economie policies toward Latin America. ■ggËiPiliiiHÉI ■ people's Food Co-op f ■ I r.otmection f ■ KAN EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION jt5X FOR THE FORESTS, THEIR KW!!} PEOPLES AND LIFE ON EARTHÜ O? Rainforest Action Movement needs your help!! Lend your time or help with funding. Stay informed with Tropical Echoes, RAM 's DA Newsletter with current info. and alerts. SS"} To receive Tropical Echoes, send a JCl# kdonation to RAM, 430 E. University, J=m Ann Arbor, MI 48109; (313) 662-0232. ij Urge Congress to kill H.R. 1696, The Montana National Deforest Act!! Cali RAM for info. v fs, Rainforest Action Movement (RAM) is a community and University v jj )$SJl based gronp cotnmitted to educating and raising awareness about tropical vSjfl( iWVll and températe rainforests in an effort to prevent their destruction. AU f il


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