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AGENDA is interested in receiving items-from you for etcetera. Press clippings, press releases, summaries of local events and any other ideas or suggestions are welcome. Just mail them to: Etcetera Editor, AGENDA, 220 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Call for Election Workers

The Ann Arbor City Clerk's Office needs people to help count absentee voters' ballots on Election Day, Nov. 3. The job pays $5/hour and requires a full day commitment. The only requirement is that you be registered to vote in Ann Arbor. Call the City Clerk's Office at 994-2725.

Food Drive Underway

Last year's holiday food drive at Bryant Community Center helped put food on the tables of 75 low-income families. The 1992 food drive is happening now! Through Nov. 15, you can help feed hungry families with donations of non-perishables, canned foods and money.

The Bryant Community Center, administered by the City of Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Dept., provides educational, recreational and cultural programs for people of all ages.

Donations will be accepted at the Center, 3 West Eden Court in Ann Arbor, Mon. - Thur. ,9:30 am-3:30 pm. Pick-ups of donations are also available. For more information call 994-2722.

"Killing Us Softly" Author Returns

Dr. Jean Kilboume, creator of "Killing Us Softly," the slide show presentation analyzing images of women in advertising, returns this month to the Ann Arbor area.

Kilbourne has two new works. "Under the Influence: The Pushing of Alcohol via Advertising," is a multi-media production exploring the links between alcohol advertising, glamour, sexuality, power and alcohol consumption. It will be shown Sun. Nov. 8 at 8 pm in Aud. 3 of the U-M Modem Languages Building; and Mon. Nov. 9 at noon in EMU's McKenny Union Ballroom.

"Marketing Misery: The Selling of Addictions to Women" is a look at the effects of substance abuse on women. It will be shown at Washtenaw Community College on Mon. Nov. 9 at 9 am in Room 101, Job Skills Building. For more information call 763-1320.

Women's Health Group Forming

A new group for women is forming to discuss women's health activism, feminist perspectives on women's health, and experiences of wellness and health care. The first meeting is Tues., Nov. 10 at 8:30 pm at Guild House, 802 Monroe. The group will use the revised and expanded version of "The New Our Bodies, Ourselves" as a guide. Mention the group at Common Language Bookstore, 214 S. Fourth Ave., for a 1 5% discount on the book. For more information call Rachel at 994-4371.

Styrofoam Recycling Begins in Ypsilanti

The Ypsilanti Recycling Project (YRP) is now accepting styrofoam. The service is available to businesses, institutions and the public. Any type of styrofoam except building insulation is acceptable. Trays, cups.egg cartons, packing pieces and molded pieces should be packed into a closed, clear plastic bag. All food particles should be scraped from the material. Loose pieces will not be accepted!

Businesses should call 485-0530 to make special arrangements. The bagged material can be brought to the public drop off site across from the Ypsilanti Farmer's Market in Depot Town. It is open Fridays, noon to dusk; and Saturdays, 9 am to 3 pm. For more information call the YRP at 485-0530.

Filmmaking as Media Activism

The Empowerment Project began in 1984 as an effort to produce independent, activist films and initiate political action. In 1988 the Project produced "Coverup," a hard-hitting documentary about the Iran-contra affair. It was released in 80 cities. Project activists have just produced "The Panama Deception," a film that will set the record straight on the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama.

The opening of "Coverup" in each city shown was a benefit for the Project and local Central America solidarity groups. The screenings were followed by discussions and, in many cases, the formation of organizing committees. For more information on the Empowerment Project or "The Panama Deception," call (310) 453-4347.

Safe Sex for Women

Women are among the fastest growing groups to be affected by AIDS. A free seminar for women on the prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is being offered at Common Language Bookstore on Nov. 14 from 7-8 pm. For more information call 663-0036.

Q: What Do Famine, Sterility, and Disease Have in Common?

The answer, according to Greenpeace, is chlorine. Chlorine-based chemicals threaten human health and the global environment. Each year, the world's chemical industries produce massive amounts of these poisonous Chemicals. They accumulate in the global environment and subsequently destroy the ozone layer or build up in the tissues of wildlife and humans.

In the Great Lakes Basin, the damage caused by chlorine-based chemicals has reached a crisis level. The International Joint Commission on the Great Lakes has called for a phaseout of chlorine and chlorine-containing chemicals as industrial feedstocks.

"Chlorine-Free Great Lakes," a conference organized by Greenpeace, will address the scientific, social, economic, and strategic issues involved in the transition to a chlorine-free future. The conference will be held Dec. 4-6 at St. Mary Center in Monroe, Mich. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Barry Commoner.

For more information contact Bonnie Rice at Greenpeace, 1017 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60607; (312) 666-3305.

EXTRA! Read All About It!

EXTRA! is the publication of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR). It comes out bi-monthly and offers well-documented criticism of bias and imbalance in the mainstream media. EXTRA! highlights the media's allegiance to corporate America and their insensitivity to women, labor, minorities and other public interest constituencies.

Some stories in the Oct./Nov. 1992 issue are: "Death Camps and Desert Shield Frame Bosnia Coverage," The Government's Propaganda War Against the American Indian Movement," and "South African Death Squad Plot: A Piece to a Puzzle the Media Won't Solve."Subscriptions are $30/year. Write to: FAIR/EXTRA! Subscription Service, P.O. Box 911, Pearl River, NY 10965-0911.


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