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Re-Elect SHACKMAN Endorsed by DSA, NOW, UAW, AFSCME Paid for by Shackman for County Commissioner, Pat Hackley, Treasurer, 631 S. First Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. ■ ■ PAIDPOUTCALAOVERTISEMENT f1 Dave Monforton PT District 11 Democrat Jw The changing needs of Washtenaw County M È A require an active Commission. I'll bring my m m M legislativeexperienceanda grassroots Legal Counsel, House Judiciary respective to bear on the development of Committee; Aide to Rep. Bullard affordable housing, environmental protection, Member, Planned Parenthood of and preservation of human services. I am America, The Ecology Center of prohoice support the SAFE House bond and The1 Slïïra CkTPeaCe' " VINE' and wil1 P0 the Envotech landfillincinerator proposal. Paid tor by Dave Monbnon lor County Commisson. 830 Svtvan, Arm Arbor, Ml 481 04 David A. DeVanl. Trusurar ON NOVEMBER 3, RE-EIJECT I.V JANIS BOBRIN, DEMOCRAT hWfiÍtfr Keep Janis Bobrin working to protect our environment. Tvlí M Endorsed by Michigan's Sierra Club V) jk j M] Paid lor by Bobrin lor Drain Commissioner, Donna Reed, treasurer, 662-3869 -""L '- _ P RE-ELECT SHERIFF RON SCHEBIL "Our department is in the forefront of local efforts to prevent drug trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence and drunk driving. We have innovaled by blending technological advances with solid pólice work. " 1 ' Paid lor by Ihe Comrmllee lo Re-Elecl Sheriff Ron Schebï, John E. Klee, Treasucer, 101 Mason, Ann Arboi, Ml 48103 ATTENTION VOTERS! ! ! THE AMERICAN WAY What major issues PRAISE OR PROTEST CARDS DTsoTeSg! GetRe5uIts! Why wait for an election? Let your local, state, and national representatives hear what you have to say now. Elimínate the need for a letter. Simply write your comments on the eye-catching card and drop it in the mail. Let the decisión makers know what you think. Order Praise or Protest Cards today. Package Includes: 3O Praise or Protest Cards. 5 Address File Cards, only $5! 5 Mailing Record Cards, + and Instructions " Please make check or money l- " "" - -4 order payab le to: _--fíÍL - V THE AMERICAN WAY tKf 1-f-- P.O. Box 457 - 7 Dexter, MI 48 1 30 " -


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