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Support Group For Gays & Lesbians Over 50

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We are glad to remind AGENDA readers of the ongoihg support group fcr lesbians and gay men who are aged fifty and above: GLOW (Gays & Lesbians, Older & Wiser). GLOW has been meeting for six years. Meetings are on the first Saturday of each month from 1 1 am to 1 pm at the U-M Medical Center's Turner Geriatrie Clinic, 1010 Wall St, on the north side of the Huron River. Confldentiality is a priority. Nevvcomers are always welcome. Everyone brings their lunch or a dish to pass. The next meeting of GLOW is scheduled for Nov. 7. GLOWs Annual Christmas Party will be held on Dec. 12 (an exception to the usual the first Sat. meeting) at noon at a member's home. Because of the end-ofyear holidays, the January meeting will be held on Jan. 9 rather than on Jar.. 2. In February, the groupwill resume its regular schedule . For information, please cali 7642556. The Lesbians of Color Collectlve has re - organized for the year and will be meeting every other Sunday- see Calendar. It is encouraging to know that the group is doing well. "Hear Us Emerging Sisters" (HUES) is a multi-cultural, multi-lifestyles magazine produced mainly by vvomen of color non-dominant cultures. One of the goals of HUES is to provide opportunities for self-representation for thosewho are usually either misrepresented, negatively portrayed, or rendered invisible (e.g. people of color, lesbians, bisexual people, gay men, and differently-abled persons) by "the media." The second issue will appear in early December. Submit writing, art, and expressions for future issues to HUES, 3909 Michigan Union (MSA Office), Ann Arbor MI 48 1 349. Written work must be submitted on Macintosh disk. For information, cali 747-7462. Look for CONNECT!, Ann Arbor's monthly Lesbian Social Calendar. Use CONNECT to' set up an event of any size - lesbians, let's work together to create an outstanding environment for ourselves! To submit notice of an event or to subscribe to CONNECT, write to P.O. Box 4 163, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Gay Liberation Front's Purpose is to provide information, counseling, and related social services for people concemed about sexual orientation. We maintain a hotline for crisis tion, peer counseling and referral. We help provlde factual information to offset prejudice and misinformationabout Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people. We work to obtain human and civil rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation. We help organize groups for Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people and are a link to other community groups. Community Services include: aHotline for crisis intervention, peer counseling, referral. Education: workshops and conferences on concerns of Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people with an emphasis on how people in the "helping professions" and "teaching professions" can work positively with clients, patients, & students who are Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people. Gay Liberation Front Meetings vary according to purpose; we do most of our work in subcommittees (counseling, groupwork, education, civil rights). Cali for time and place. Gay Liberation Front includes U-M students, staff, faculty and people from the larger communities. Gay Liberation Front, co 4117 Michigan Union, 530 S. State, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1349; 763-4186.


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