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hbh'3 ítl] () rvi ï) n n fcD % ', - ft _ i il I -f A.n Hang Out In Town! mgm We've Got the WEW RELEASES v'X. m0$r ft is starting to get pretty cold out there, you know. And before "imiuaÉÊÉh . íiA' oí ?ve comes out, we'U already have added these recent ir'-" m - - - - - - releases to our stock of more than three thousand titles: l M Pf 3 Sleepwalkers, Thg Babe, Cutting Edge, H Ij BATMAN RETURNS, Shadows & Fog, Incident at Oglala, %m 1 ■"■'"'■'■ Uranus, BEAUTY & THE BEAST. 1 COMING IN NOVEMBER to Campus Video will be more Pl %w box-office favorites f rom earlier in the year. ■L 1_KH1HJ (Nov_ 4th) DEEp COVER, Far & Away, K2. : (Nov; lOth) SISTER ACT, another Whoopi Goldberg success. (Nov. llth) City of Joy, Encino Man. (Nov. 18th) Passed Away, and the blockbuster sci-fi classic ALIEN 3. wêêêêêêê Then, just before you get that turkey swallowed real good, mêèÊ we' 11 bring you Harrison Ford's latest spy thriller ■fc New Releases are $3.00 every day. All others are $2.00 Monday J thru Thursday. Campus Video. We 're the best and only place to rent real movies on campus. BK - W - 1HM r ' . Introducing tfk (big) State Street store!! sSÊéLr 61 1 Church Street 312 South State Street -#5?R Next to Rick's Across from Borders Books ' 1r " M-F 7:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. M-F 7 a.m. to midnight Zjf SatSun 8:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. SatSun 8 a.m. to midnight Phone: (313) 769-1210 Phone: (313) 761-6000 r=r Fax:(313)769-1508 Fax:(313)761-1802 "ÜST' 'MÊ Open 363 daysyear Open 364 daysycar WÊÊKKÊk jjftj


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