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Hulling Indian Corn

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-A valucd friend inoncion, conversatie willi tho corn trude, has nentionêd a fact to me tliat I tliink may be of osmall importance to our country. It is an mproved method of grinding ludían corn, vhich, if as successful as my friend thinks, ill work great resulls, parlicularly to the ree States uf the West. The hnprovement onsists in hnlling the corn before grinding1, vliich is done by passing it through the mahïne is used for making pearl barley and plit peas. The maize flour that is ground 'rom tliis liullcd corn is said to be vastly nicer ban that made by the ordinnry process, hnvng less of the grittiriess that English people omplain of, and it is found to mix well wilh vlieat. flour, in bread-making. I hope somn experiments will be tried in our country. It s mpossible that depriving the kerncl of its sheil, before grinding, may lessen the Uobility to sour on the voynge, which is now so grent nn inconvenience in the exportation of Iridian meo). VVho can rockon theadvantage to our country that would accrue from the discovery of a process by which the flour of Indian corn would be made marketable in England, and could be preserved also from souring on the


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