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Sixties Drugs Also Caused Addictions

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LETTERS I just ñnished readingyour February issue. While I enjoy AGENDA (1 often feel other newspapers aren't being objective, or even honest!), there was one article that disturbed me. This was "Ruminations of a Radio Therapist" by Arwulf Arwulf. As a product of the 60s, I can relate to the article. I remember the free concerts, Marks Coffee House, and my father helped renovate the Rainbow People's house on Hill and Washtenaw. I was raised going to "Be-ins," "Sit-ins," and at the ripe oíd age of 1 0 1 was a Psychedelic Ranger. I got a lot from this way of life. I carne up free from the chains of bigotry and learned to develop and voice my own opinión. My problem is this: Arwulf stated that marijuana and LSD were proven effective treatment for alcoholism. As a recovering addict, I know a little about the misconceptions of the disease of alcoholism and the treatment thereof. An alcoholic (justas an addict) mustabstain from the use of any or mood-altering chemical in order to recover. Anything else is just "switching" addictions. I agree wholeheartedly with Arwulf about looking more closely at the "legal" drugs in this country. Some of my favorite "pushers" were at the U-M Hospital. The ends of this disease are Jails, institutions, and death. Because of the seriousness of these outcomes, any journalism regarding alcoholism or drug addiction (one and the same really, alcohol is a drug) must be responsible and wellresearched.


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