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People's Food Co-op

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People's Food Co-op, a community -É owned grocery, offers a wide selecT mSu L tion of natural foods. These include S9i mKk fresh produce, baked goods, quality W Hji dairy items, herbs &. spices, packJ 'f aged and bulk foods, and more. )HHk W B The producís the co-op carries L jk make a difference: Km to your health - MwM " Nutritious, whole foods r V Jl 3 No synthetic additives ▼ iW IA Many organically grown products ■ MM and to the health of the environment - Organic farming preserves farmland and rural ecology Buying in bulk saves packaging (and lowers cost!) An emphasis on localregional fresh foods saves energy by reducing transport distances Fi Two neighborhood locations in central Ann Arbor - 2Í1 N. Fourth Avenue M-F 9-9, Sat. 8-7, Sun. 10-8 994-91 74 740 PñCkard Daily 9-9 761-8173


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