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Jackson Convention

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The friends of the Liberty party in Jackson County, will meet in Convcntion at the Court house in Jackson on Saturday the 2Sd of Sept. at 10 o'clock A. M.f for the purpose of nominating three Represent at ves to the State Legislature, nnd to trnnsact snch other business as may come before the Convention. It is earncstly hoped thnt each and all the true frienda of Liberty in all the Totons in the County, will dki.koít ....o.w 10 i .i.:-. Oonvcntion. Let not oiiewmf. for, or depend vpon another, but all come t attend an all-day Convention of the friends of Liberty both to hmr, and to be heard. Come friends, come, !et us awake, and be np nnd doing! Every thing for onr cause looks encouraging. Our friends of the Empire state talk confidenlly of having from 20 to 25,000 Libkrty votkrs this fall,and shall the Península state fall short of this according to her population? Gtnius of Liberty forbid it!!- WhileCAMiouNand Clat, notec slavkholdbrs as tliey are, will probably be the PresiJentinl candidates for the pros'avery partie.1, ;hall not every hater of tyrnnny viporously ally to the rescue of LIBERTY? How longvill freetnen of this nation listen to the wicked pology for voting for slaveholdkrs, duf.l.1STS, GAMBLF.RS &C.


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