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I áPUL "93 INTRODUCING: Yes, this is MÊJ what a deli is meant to be! ? ? M Jl 111 PT S VN Wc're prcpared to scnd off 1 F F lL 1 O J your friends and relativcs in _ ;3 the Class of '93 in grcat fff C stylc. Givc thcm what Ihcy fff Vi HE MwilEË 4 anyonc clse for good reason. ü 5 fff S i " fQf Lct us make one for you. n,'AP11 Th rif 't v r Wc are one of the most Emm 3f JffC if f mmë - rF popular places to chai while J j f ""y # W0 Ê Ê Ê Ê i y Jt? sipping rival cu! Ices & leas. # ! i I m i m m J - Ky' hot cocoas & sodas, FRESHkj- squeezed juices. Come and (TvVk join your friends. AtAiner's. x H?-. aeu FRESH-SQÜEEZED Juices, salads always waiting for you _ raVA!! m ■ j g p f rom FRESH fruit & -áLk Gneat Sweets 5CW Fancy tortcs & tortes, V6Qfil3UlGS iR imported chocolates, big ■WgWiHIllUWj P muffins, pastries & cookies, - DfITU IAS.. Mediterranean delights. j Q 10031 lOllSi Retail Shop í's The largest selection of í '■'■"': '-Vai A mustards, a great variety of V-'=i;áM pastas, hot sauces, cañe & . . ÉlíSP'f maple syrups, and many more M kki k L 'psr delicious meal-makers. g ' ▼ m 1 ñ T MÉtt Qfc Deli Traditions ,L V V T VUIOC All the great cheeses, raeats, 5 L, lK smoked fish and other vT [■■ ywJí delicatessen in what we P y Jtëk affectionately refer to as our jr%. mile-long deli cases. Wc J . f &? k Amer s l 611 Church Street 312 South State Street P Next to Rick's Across front Borders Books M-F 7:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. M-F 7 a.m. to midnight SatSun 8:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. SatSun 8 a.m. to midnight Phone: (313) 769-1210 Phone: (313) 761-6000 Fax: (313) 769-1508 Fax: (313) 761-1802 Open 363 daysyear Open 364 daysyear


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