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Do Not Fail To Read The War On Slavery On Northern Commer...

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07 Do not rail to read The War or Slavery on Northern Commerck nnd Agriculturb." When youhaverend it once read it again, and weigh well Uic mass oí testimony presented there. ftT" ín a letter declining an invitation f0 an anti-slavery celebration of the First of Au. gust, John Quincy Adams took occasion to express his deep interest in the Anti -slavery cause. In reference to the the movement in England, the aged patriot says: "Of that undertaking, Clarkson himself haa written the history. He has shown in what sinall heginnings it commenced, by wlmt slo'w and almost imperceptible progresa it advnnccd - by what interests, prejudices and passions it was perpctdally obstructed. How mnny years t was before it could obtain ndmission to the hall of legislation ft the British IIouso of Cmnmons. How, in the meantime, it had been silenlly making its way to the hearis öf the British people. How many struggles of or gument and of eloquence ir had to encounter belore it could lay prostrate all opposition at its feet - and how this emanation of the Christian faith, after waiting eighteei hundred years for its devolopment, came down at last like a mighty flood, andas even now under the red cross of St. George, overflotving from the white cliffs of Albion, and sweeping the slave trade and slavery fiom the face of the terra, queous globe. People ofthatrenowned Island! children of the land of our forefathers, proceed, proceed in this glorious carcer, till the wholeearlh shall be redeemed from the greatest curse that ever has afflicted the human race - proceed, anti] milliona upon millions of our brethren of the human rnce are restored to the rights with which they were endowed by jour and thcir Creator, but of which they have been robbed by rufïïans of their own race, shall send their choral shouts of redemptjon to the skies in blessings upon your names. Oh! with what ptingent mortification and shamc must I confesé, that in the transcendant glories of that day, our names will not be associated with yours! May Hei ven, in mercy, grant that wo may be spared the dceper damnation of seeing our names recorded, not among the liberalors, but with the oppreKsors of mankind."


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