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Supersnazz, an all female band from the land of the rising sun, is comprised of Tomoko on bass, Kanako on guitar, Skinny Minny pounding the skins and Spike on belting vocals. They really rock. A recipe for their music might be: mix thoroughly equal parts of the early 70s glam-rockers The New York Dolls, and the 80s pop group The Go-Gos, Season heavily with hard rocker Joan Jett and sprinkle lightly with surf guitar. Bake at 500 degrees on an ungreased cookie sheet until hot. Don't bother cooling. Eat straight from the oven and wash it down with beer.

"Superstupid" has a well produced garage sound complete with sloppy guitar hooks, hard to understand lyrics (they sing in English) and loud volume. They cover Link Wray's guitar classic "Comanche" and Chuck Berry-inspired "Playing My Guitar" in an aggressive style that if played on American Bandstand, the kids would surely respond "Yeah, its got a good beat; you can slam dance to it."

"Papa oo Mao Mao" could be the next big hit during breaks in Red Wings games. It's energy is so incessant that my one-year-old gets a big kick out of it. "Some-times" has a pop/beach feel that seems to fit right in with those old Frankie and Annette movies. Supersnazz are no wimps. They rock, they roll, they lose control.

-Tom Rule


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