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WOOD! WOODÏ! WANTED immediately, any qunrttitV' of DRY WOOD in pnyment fc-r the Signal' of Liberiy. Come soon: Young LadiesT Seminary, MISS E. PAGE, PaiKcrtA.Miss West, Tencher in Milsic:Mrs. IIüghs, M Drawing and PaintirigV Mrs. Saunders, " do ' Mathematica: Miss L Ward, " The Prihiary Depart'nf rTHE cnsuing term of Miss P's: Semihary X commenceson Teesiíay, 2Öth iiiit. TERMS OF TU1TION. In the English branches, from $2 50'to 4 50 perquarter of twelve weeks; .Lessons'on the Pífano, with tlie usc of the instrument, $10; Drawing and Painting. $4 50; tatin.$3(% Freneh,$3 00; Fancy Work, 3 Of)1; 1' 50; Woah-ing and Ironing, 371 cents per" dozen.No pupil will be rcceived' for less thnrt' ortö' quarter. and no dcduction will oc made forotí"sanee except in cases of ill health. Amorrg the Books used in School nre- PáIey's- Ñatífraf Theology and Evidences of Christiarrity - AbercTombie on the Intellectual and! Moral Powers - Kame's Elements of Criticism- - Whately's Logic - Jamison's Rhetoric- Mrs.Lincoln's Boiany - Parker' s Natural Philosophy - Conistock's Chemistry and Physiology - Bur-ritt's Geography of the Meavens - Phelp's Legal Classics - RoUïn'e Ancient History with Binler's Ancient Atlas - Playiairs Euclid - Da-vie'8 Algebra and Arithmetic, with Coiburn'r--Mitchell's Geography - Goodrich's History Ú. Sfaftcs. All the frienis of Ed'acstion are requestcd tb' visit the school on Thursdays. when the lessönsr of the past week are reviewed, and eoïnpositioiisThe Superintencfent of F95SS íftííniction: tlie' Aniï Arbor íiá+í í-bTisWTfétTioTlát 'as a' VisTtlífg: commrtfee' t& th Sehooï. As t'ie most Jecis'e tcsti'mony in favor of any' institution, is to be ofeta;ned from those who-anr best acq'iiainted with' the sul'jecis upon which ' it operates, Miss P. refers for information to thfa parents guardián of her pupils - a catalogue of whose ñames will be fiirmshed to ihose inter.ested in thcenquiry. J8- tfj MISS AND MRS. PAGE'S SCHOOL. Mu. Eiitor: - The nndersigned ha ving brert' requested to visit Irom time to time the Femalo School nnder the charge of Miss and Mrs. Pag-, and pnnicularly to altend ihe regular examina: tion?, take pieasrrre ift submitting the following statement to the publif : The cömpetency of the teachers of the school is unquestionod, and we noed notsay more thari' by fong experience as well as constant appiica-tion. tliey have rendered themselves worthy tlio' paironage and confiJence of the public. The young ladies in their examination at tho' close of the last term gave satisfactory evidencie of close applicalion to the various branches of learning which tlicy had been pursuing. Their recitations were admirably eviricing irt the manner in which the jiumercus artti Tarious qüestion8 wcre answereö. (hat they had' becil taught to thmk as well ns to commit to memory. The a'tainment of this object is doubtless orlfe of the highest and mof3t diiTicnlt to which a teaerrer ofyoülh can direct attention. without which' all the tacts with which the mind may le störed! is but as rubbish encunitering the intellect. It is tlierefore with satisfaction tbat -we spealc of the conduct of the teachers of this school tti' reference to this important matter. The reading of Compositiona on the c'venirig" which closed the examination gave us an opportunity of observing the progress -which üid püpils had made in that important bran;h of instrnction; having no disposition to indulge iiv invidious disticiions. it is sufficient to remarky that general satisfaction was given. the seleciions were good, and the s'.yle ol composition correct and chaste. In conclusión, we cannot refrain frorn' the remark tint the inhabitanis of Ann Arbor and viv vicinity. should consider ita snbjeet of jist prido that so vaiuable a school as that wier itie direcof Miss and Mrs. Page is locatcd in their midst.aflbrdiing as it does such vaiuable facilitTéS' tof their daughter8 for obtaining a useful and óïna1mental educatie. O. C. COMSTOCK A. M. F1TCH. Ann Arbor, March 20, 1 843.Strayecl or Stolenfi F ROM the Subscriber n Manchester1, Washtenaw coin:? , nbout the terfih Vf July last, a faint aorrel or roan colored supposed to oe eleven years old, medium white back. feet with a lurge scar on orre rVóof. made bv a split, and a small swclling' on hor back, causcd by riding; mouth much btt-worn, and white niark in hei face. Any iitfo'rmation concerning said mare will be thankfiïITy reccived, or assutnnce in securing her to1 the owner shall be liberally rewarded. GFX). J. BARKER. Manchester. Juïy 14 19-3w. Chccse. FOR Sale by C. J. GARLAND. Ann Arbor, Upper Town, May 5, '43. 2 Sheep Shears. FOR Sale by C. J. GA RL AND. Ann Arbör. Upper Tqwn, May 5, 1843.


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