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ATTENTION, aL.OTHIÜf!.@! m Tl'ST receivcd at iho (eneial Depot., lor the 3 J p.ilo of Cloiiiers Stock, M.-ichmnry. Dye , Stuft'.. &c. &c, No. 139. J(ff.ison Avenue, '' Detmit, the following Inrge, wei'J assor'ied, aiid jj carcfufly e!cctcd stock, viz: 1"-'O b!ls. St. Domingo Logwood, Cuf. r Tuns ' ■■ ia Stick, ,t 150 blila. Cuba Fustic, Cut, 5 Ton's ;i -; in Stick. I 56 bbls Nic VVood. Chippcd, 50 " J.inm Wuod, " 30 " Red Wóod, '; 12') il Ground Camwood, ID ;' Qucrcitron Dark, 5)!) Il)s. Nutgalla, 10 (Jases Extract of Logwood, 300 Ibs. Lac Dye, 2 Ceroons Spauish Indigo. 300 11)8. Sumac Sicily, 'S Casks Madder. 3 Casks IJlue Vtrriol, 5 Casks Alum, 2 Bands Red Tartar. 2 Barrels Crcam 'l'artnr, 3 Caiboys A qua Foitis, 5 4i 0,1 Vitriol, 3 " Muriatic Acid, 500 Ibs. Virdigris, 5) ' BIock.Tin, Tenséis. Twinc, Coppèr Kettlc?, all slzes, Parson's Shearing Machines, ('nrtis' M '; Scrcws and Press Platos, Cranks. Press Paper. Stnel Rreds, Worstcd fJwrfess, Tenter Hooks. Etnery, al] Nu's.. Olive Oil. Clothicis' Jacks. Suttïnett Warp, Clotlners' Brüshes. Shuttles, l'ickers. Card Cleaners, &,c. Sec. The above, with n variety of other anieles belonging to the trade, have been purchased this Bürftrnêr by the Bubscribers from Manufacturera and First Uandsin the New York, i hiladelphio ar.d Boston Markets, and every thing having rel ceived lus personal inspection. he can vvith the utmost c.jnridencc cffSr them to purchasers as Uw et and m,s' .onjL-.ic stock m the country; ar d as a is bis fixed deterniination (by the low ratcs , at which he will sell) to prevent the nocessi'y of ! i our Cluthiers and Manufacturers lëa'wrfg ,C , State to make their purchases. lic would merel d i say to the trade. CALÍ,, examine the goods and ascertain pners before you say you can buv chcaper avy u fiere else. j Jie is alao prepared to contract for CARDiNG MACHINES made in tbis State or Easr. PIERRE TELLER, j Sign of the Gulden Mortar, f 13Í), Jcfierson Aenue, f V?Txf') De.róit. b rd Attention Invalids! WHO has tried the Persiah Pilis and Jew David'sor Hkhukw Pl.istkr. and is not - ready to testify that they are decidedly the best - medicines now in use? The above medicines n have heen before ;!ie public some four ycars, and - physicians ai ihe Last have used them extensivciy - ín their praclice. and were ihey here. tliey couKl teil you of the excellent qualities of 'these medicines. Reader! Have you ever used them? Jf you have not, ask those who have if they are not ; what we recomrnend ihetn to be. They are the i Ch&phst as well as the best. A box of piaster contams sutlicicni to spread S or JO piasters- price 50 cents. The large Boxes oí Pn.r.s contólo 73 puls for Crt cenis: the sniall boxes 35 pills for 31 cents. No persons should condemn them until they have ried them. and then we are sure they will not. These medicines are for sale by one or moreagents in all villages and cities in the United States. Cnll on the agent, and Jie will give any inlormation wanied. For sale by J. H. Lund, S. P. & J. C. Jewet. C. Eberbach, Ann Arbor; D. M. Lndd. MilfoiUo...MCL.Jïakirj,KüyiL4),_U1.,lJiowhnd. nvery, Franklin; .1. Dean, Pontiac: J. Millerd. fc bon, Dexter: Dr. Sager. Jackson. JO-Gm! E. DEAN S C E LE B RAT E D CHEMICAL PLASTER. THE following is one frorn aniong the numeroLs testimoniáis froin persons of the lnghest ïespectability, which the proprietors have received. LETTER FROM W. IIOAG. Ebik. AIonuok Co . Mich . ? June 13, l40. ' ( Mrs-,RS. H. Harhis & Co I have foi three years past sold considerable ot" E. Dcan's Chemicnl Ilastf:r. in Perry, Genesee counïy, IS". . ;ind can you that it has in every ins'iancc vithin iny krfowlcdgè produced :he most happy ■ resuits. In several instances where other remetlies had failed, the piaster eílect-id an entilo fl cure. I om fully of the opinión ihat it isa dy of real ment, a source ef great benefit f kind. I-or the benefit of the aiHicied I wish I - may be supplied with the article and keep it for C sale here. n - . Very Respectfully. ei L'j W. IIOAG. fr [CTFor the diséases in which this Piaster is cl plicable, sce advenisement in anothcr column of ' this paper. bf E. Doan's Chemical Piaster is for sale in Ann dl Arbor, (Lower Town.) by ki .1. U. LUND. and W. S. & J. W. xMAYNARD. ? Upper cl CHRISTIAN EBERHACIj; Town lh 49-1 y tl( - __ su


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