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CJÓRRÍÑT CJERVICeQ iRVJCÈp HOUSE TO SHARE in Depot Town area AGENDAGRAPHICSproducesnewletters, INTERPLANETARY RESEARCH ASwith owner. Amenities include studio space, business cards, posters, brochures, invitaSOCIATES - Exploring the information darkroom, potter's wheel & kiln, tools, large tions, fliers, andmore. Affordablerates.quick universe. Literature searching, document degarden space. Perfect for artistdesigner. service. Cali Phillis at 996-8018. livery,competitorintelligence, indexingabAvailable fall or sooner. 2-3 spaces, $225 : stracting, bibliographies, special research month. Cali 485-4082. BOOKKEEPING for small businesses or papers, covertinvestigations. 3 13-426-4456. individuals. General accounting, payroll, ac ROOMATE NEEDED to share two bedcounts receivable, taxes. Experienced and PREGNANT? Professional counseling on room apartment. I'm a vegetarían woman affordable. Cali Bob at 761-2509. all your options. Cali Planned Parenthood. withcat. $3 15month, starting Aug.orSept. 973-0155 Garden lots of trees 663-2121 SENSUAL GIFTS FOR LOVERS... Shop SafetyGirl for information and sincere assisPROBLEM PREGNANCY HELP AborCT FOR SALE tancc on a varietv of sensual items. Vibration altematives. 769-7283. Let us help you - ■ - tors, oils, edibles, lovers' board games, gourchoose life. HOUSE FOR SALE by owner. Near Arbormetlove baskets and romance kits. Free gift sXïï "ïn, land. 2 bedroom ranch with den, attic, dining wrapping. 249 E. Liberty inside UnderstatevVOLUNTEERS) room, living room, one full bath and garage, ment, Tues.-Thurs. 1 1 -7, Fri. 1 1-8, Sat. 10-6, ITpTvf ivvrvvZTnBvnvn 590,000 range. 971-7913. 668-0647 10% off with this ad AGENDA VOLUNTEERS NEEDED- Cali 996-8018. REAL RODS. Custom, hand-built fishing FREE EAR AND NOSE PIERCING- VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at the Wildflour rods. Fly, spin orcasting rods forreal fishing. Gateway to Afrika, 107109 S. Fourth Ave., Bakerv Volunteer discounts! 208 N Fourth Cali 665-9540. 668-6944. Ave. 994-0601. LB I li $2 a line or fraction thereof (30 units per line). I Deadline: AUGUST 23 for SEPTEMBER issue. BB I '■-■ Payment (check or money order) must accompany ad. ■LkkiéiiJB I Mail order form or stop in at our office at 220 S. Main St. (in back of Elmo's T-Shirts). I reserves the right to reject, cancel, modify, classify, or re-classify any ad. MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: AGENDA, 220 S. Main, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104


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