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I UI arder & Suicide! TJASSING your síreets a lew da'yssince, I wos -I nlinost horror struck in noticin a coniírtunl prptracied nmrdcr. Chaapest Store n town- "New York Wholesale and lletail Cheap cash Store" "HuHalo Clicnp Store" led me to cali whero í s;iw the "Kings English" lie mangled, bleeding, dying. At anotlier place I sasv a great (üsplüy ot 'Heil Rngs" and flaming hand bilis, wlíeré on examinntión I foúnd i!mt thóy dlaimed to have bought thcir gooc.'s at "Auction" and J kncw ihat goods sold at nuction were of inferior quality, ana iúch ns woüíd not bear thc test ol private salescnniny. Oh.thouglit ihey ;ui their owa lliroals n buying iheir goods at aiic(ion. 1 passed on lo F. Denison's oíd stand wliere I found H. Becker fairly sottlcd with a large STOCK OF GOODS, selected at private sales, einbracing neárly every thing called for in thecuuntry, at low prices, for casli. produce, or good credit. And here 1 found that the pure English was spoken, as I ani assured it is at lus Store in the Lower Town. VTATOR. Ann Arbor, June 12, 184H. 7 tf. TO íf.OTIHI.KS, MAJVUFJ3CTÜRERS JiND MERCHANTS. THE subscribera are now receiving, at thcir stores, 188 Jefferson Avenue, and comer of ltnndolph and Woodbridge streets, Detroit, a large and general stock of Dye Woods &, Byc Stufís. 35 tons Lngwood, Fustic. Limewood. Nicarragua, Hypcrnic VVood, in the stick, i 30 bbls. gruund Caniwood, 150 do Fustic itáO do Logwood, 100 do Redwoods, 20 do Ahiiii, 6 hhds Copperaój 4 do Jílue Vitriol, 4 pipes Ombre and Crop Maddcrs, prime, 500 Ibs. Extract Logwood, 600 do Bengal, Madras and Caraccas índigo, 300 do Blue Nuigalls, (Allcppo,) 250 do Powdered Cúrcuma, 200 do Verdigris. 10 Carboys Oil Vitriol, 6 do Aqua Fortis. 4 do Spirits Sea Salts, 4 do Nitric Acid, 2 cases Lac Dye, 000 Ibs. Bnnquo Tin. 250 do Cream Tartar. 500 do Q lercciron Bark. Togeiher wiih a complete assortment of all the i minor anieles in the trade, to wit: Pess Papers. Teázlés, Brnsffes, Jncks; Tent Hooks, DyeKettles, Pickerií, Burling i Irpns, Ñippcrs. Pnissiateof ash. Sal Amoniac, Sal Soda, i Sujear of Lead, Steel Reeds, Cord Clcaners. c ■ MACHINE CARDS, 5, Satínett Warps, Shenrs, &c. j Tbis entire stock lias been purchased within th last two weeks, arid.sclected personally by 011 of the concern, who has been in the business fo the last eleven yeare, and they have no hesita tio n saying that the quality qf these goods is unexceptionable. They will positivly be sold at th lo weet New York jobbing prices, with the ad dition of' transportaron only. The subscribers have the solé Agency in thi State for the sale of "FARSON'S SHEARÍNG MACHINES," and the celcbrstcd "LEICESTER MACHÍN I CAHBS," docidedly the best in use. THEO. H. EATON, & CO. April 11, 1843. 51tf Agrave stonësT" MONUMENTS, TOMB TABLES, &c. . J í? subscriber has a largo assortment oí Gkavk Stonks, Mo.mjments, ic'. u hicT 'íi'." vll sell cheap íor cash, or exchange for produce at his oíd stand, No. 90, Woodward Avenue, Detroit. ' Persons wishing to buy will do well to cali, as they will be sold much cheaper than havC ever been aflorded in this State, and ofa Quality that cannot íail to please. „ . WM, E. PETERS. Detroit, Oct. 27, 1842. 2ü- ly S. PETTIBONE, SUKVEYOR, MAKER, ANIJ LAND AGENT. Olfice in Court House Squure, Ann Aibor. June 19, 1843. . _tf Í iOU, A safe, speedy, and sure remecí v "lor ever and agüe, dum agúe; chili fevcr, and the lions diseases peculiar to new countries. These pillsarc desierned ror the alToclioris of eliverandother infernal organs wh'ieh attend the diseases of the new and miasmatic portionsof our country. The proprietor havïpg (ried them in a great vanety of cases confidcntly bclioves that they are superior to any remcdy that has ever been oileted to the public for the abovc diseases. It ispurely Vegetable nná pcrfectly : less, and can be taken by anyperson, nmleor lemale with perfect safety. The pills are prepared in two sepárale ds, rnarked No. 1 and No. 2. and J pnmed wiui full directions. A great nuniber of certificates might be i srocured in favor of this medicine, but the a -iropneter has thought fit notto insert them. n as much as he depends upon the merits of ;he snme for its rcputaiion. The above pill is kept constantly on hand y the propneter and can be had at wholesalo a ind rctail at the store of Beckley & Co. 1 Iers from the country promptly attended to. J Ann Arbor, flowcr to wn) May 29 184 Q h L. BECKLEYGKOUND PLASTER. PKICE UKDUCKD TO NINE DOLLARS PKU TON. rpilt: subseribers have now on hand and X will continue to keep a good sujjply of GROUJYD PLASTER, in Barrels, at their Store in Detroit, (1$$ Jfiffertón Avenue,) and in Bulk, at their Piaster MiU on the River Rond, half way between Ypsilanti and Arm Arbor. The above is from the Scncca Falls and Grand Ricur Piaster Bede. both noiedfor their supenority. ELDRED & CO. JanuarylS, 1843 46-Gm. PAÏWTIMG, ' T. LAM Ji E R T, BEGS leave to inforrn the inhabitanls of Ann Arbor, and the surrounciin" country, ihat having located himselfinihe Lowcr Villagc, wnh the view of carrying on the above business in nll its branches, rsome of which are HOU.SE, SK.iA'. nnd ORJYJMEJVTJ1L P.ÚIJYTING GILDING and GLAZ1JVG, GRAJxilNG ntution of oll Woods, MATMLFAZlXu' RANSPARENCÍES,' BANWERS, &c " spectfully sohcits a sharc of public patrónge,ashis prices slinll be low to conform to e tunes and hia work done in die best manr. T. L. would sny to Farmers that he is parulorly desirous (. attend to their calis, as oduce is the beet kind of pav. (, Ann Arbor, Lowcr Town, JVIarch 6. 1843. 45.- ly. BLANK DKKDS, MORTGAüEö, &c ï forsaJtó at (his oiiice. al Ann Arbor. Auuet 1, )'ól'.


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