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RAIL, ROA D TEMPERANCE HOÜSE. THE undérsigñed wou Id rcspecllully iníonn the friends of Temperance, and the public gencrally, ihnt theaboe namod House, formerlyknown as the Temperance Hotel, and aituated on the corner oí' Michigan avenue and Washington street, near the Central Railroud Depot, baving undergone thorough repairs and very great additional improvemonts, is nowready fox the recep'tion of all those wfio rñay favor him with a cali. The accomniodalions, in every respect, are not inferior to any Tempeiance House m the country, and every attention will be given to such as hestow their patronage upon this laudable enterpr8e. N. B. Carriages always n readiness to convey passengers to and froni Boafs and Cars. WM. CIIAMP. Detroit, May 9, 1843. 4-1 y Dlt. HALSTED'S BEISL PILLS. 28 I'ií.i.s kok 2 Cünts. THE Briek Pilis answer the purpose more cficctually for any discase for which any other pill ís recommended, and supersede tliein altogèthër in medical excellence and virtue. Jf you doubt this, just try will cost you only two ghillings - and then you, wiih me, will be satisfied. Ifthcyare not what I recommend ihem lo l)e. denounce them and put thein down. for I cnnnot conscientiously reconiniend theni for a cure all for every thing. But this I do say, without ofeontradiction, that no pills are their equal in removing diseases originating in the etomach.qr bowcls. For livor and bilious diseases, such asdum agüe, fever and nguc. intermittant and remittant fevers, the Brisk Pilis possess peculiar proporties lor their o-pcedy removal. f rom ten years experience as a practisiñg physician, I am convinced thnt none enn equal theni. - Read what other pills nrbgood for, and what thfey will cure, and if the Brisk are not superior to ihem all. then discard their uso. Do not bclieve ill tfiat is snid abont an infallible pill - fhat neverfails to cure any disease - but iry the Brisk Pills -the cheapest pills in use- 23 pills for 25 cents - and then you will have a chance to julge of 'hcir inerit ordemeiit. As a blood clcanser! and a purifier to thc diseased sysicm, they perhaps supersede every pill in use. ■ They are quick and ensy in the operatidn. giVtng Ufe and tone to al! the torpid orgarís; tlirowing ol' impure inattcrs or humors; leaving the systctn healthy and clean. This is all that any one medicine can do.noiwi r - ■ standing the grent show oi words and lictitiouscer tiflcates. We are determined to let ihese uills stand upon their owu reputation. win or loóse. All ■ we ask is, for a fair anrl impartial trfa'. They j can be taken by old and younsr. at any time with perfect safety. They are an excellent medicine ,. lor childrcn, for worms, &c. In a word, they 3O8séss all the qualities of an aperient pill for fainily use. They have cured niany diseases wblch io other medecine could remove. In conclusión [ say, do not give up or despair of a cure until ■ wú havetried' the Brisk Pillö, for they do " ;ess peculiar oropenies and virtues.sess peculiar progenies and virtues. L For Sale by S. P. & J. C. Jewctr. C. Eber . bacli, Ann Arbor: D. H. llowland, NorthvüJe J. S. Scattergond, riymouth: J. Dean, Pontiac s J. B. Dickson, Mt. Clemens; Maitland & Co. Romeo: Sprague &. Co., Rochester; Church ti Bnrcbard, N. I'. Jacobs,' J. Owen Sc Co., De ; troit. 10-Gm YPSILAÏTï AGADI3HSX, ft H. GRIFFEN, Principal. [A ronipcicmassisfnii ;n oP.rr ic pinco of f%UX?itXmXV, wbo has lf;ft í tcaeh." ilk thirtecnth term of this instituiion wil" commence on Monday, Aug. 28, and continue 11 weeks. While tiiis school is equally open to all of bolh sexes, wlio wish to aequire a good education, particular attention wlll be given to ihose who are preparing to tcach. The exclusive and uninlcrrupted attention of the principal wili be givon to impart a practical knowledge of the English branches. He oceupies abouthnlC nn hour daily in lecturing, with the aid oftheapparatus, niinerals, or otherwise. Apparatis.- TIio lnstimtion is furnished wuli Chemical, l'hilosophical, and Astronúmical ippnratus, Surveying Inatruments, Geométrica! solirts, &.c. to the4amo'unt of'S300; also, a good Cahinetof MinBtalÉ ívbrth $50; TuniON in tlie enramun Knixli.sli branches, including Composiiion and D'cclamation from $2.50 tó $3,50. ín l'hilosophy. Chemistry, Astronomy. History, Rhetoric, xlonny. Alubia Geomctry. Surveying:, &c. fmrn ,-J 1,50 lq$5;Q0 Mezzótmto and Chinese or Theorem páinri'n í'3.0J each or Ir2 Icssons. taught by Mrs. Gnlfen. The tidtion ia to be paid at the midtllè of the ferm. rv o doduciion for absence will bc mode (wecept forprotiacte.J sickness, nnd no on will e rcceived forless than five and a hall' weeks - Books may bc had of the principal at Detroit , pnces. Board, Ineluding room nnd washinír. from ( jil.OO to $1,50 per week; for íurther partículais nquire of the principal. Kcv. I. M. Wuno, llev. H. P. Poweis, Rev. Í p. FNorth, J. Fairchild, M. D.. J. C. Allen, Í VI. D., G. and E. M. Skinner, Êaqrs. have „ y consented to form a visiting committoc, to be r resem at the Veek reviews on Tlmisday, and t the public examination of the school. '} Ypsilanti, Aug. 121S43. i5- ly. iAT TUK PAPER MILh (lA)Wl-.V. TOVVN) ANK AltnoR. Tjl BOOTII would rcspectfully inlbrrn the J-i inhabuanisof Ann Arbor and vicinity that he continuos th4 Business of KOOK BINDIfttt, at the oíd atona, in t!ic Paper Mili. Oid Boofcs vvill le ncatly rebound on short notice. All kinds of RULING done to order.- Country produce taken in paymerit. April Iö) 1343. 52-tf. THE siifwcriber n-o-ild hereby give notice to tlie furmere of Washtenaw, and the ueiglioring countics, that he lias an ow in operation in Ann Arbor, Lower Town, liero lie imends at all times to buy FLAX EED, (and oiliur Seeda uscd in making OU) mi pay tlie highest price, and the best oipay.- uk Uoi.i,ak per Jiislicl will be paid for good oan sued, or, one gallon of Oil given for the ( tnc quaniity. Faiimeks are rcqucsled to try FInx on their ununer fallows, and thereby avail theniselvcsof ' wo crops instoad of onc. ' Meuchants are roquosted to send in their seed nd oxchnnge for Oil in preferonce to sendinf to iew York or Boston for it, and ihus keep diat nonoy we hrive in our own Staie. I4"'- tf-J JOEL R. HIDDEN. Ann Arbor, Lowc'r Town, March 1, 1843. 31' all kinds neatly execuied at ihe Si "na "1 Olhco, at the sliortesl hötfce, andonthe tost reasonablo terms. iy iiniu. wuii the utmost accuracy. U r Orders liy mail j.rompily iillcd. '


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