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Touch The World's Future: Recycle!

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ALUMINUM TRAYS CORRUGATED -. r-y- , &FOILlatwi CARDBOARD i V .X METAL CANS & LIDS VífsA. -SrMSÏM. S ritte aM hoen NEWSPAPERS 'V fX y V&StSf' wbundlingnecessarf k J "ÜÍ-ííMS) GLASS BOTTLES , fC JJ F, & JARS remow lids BROWN PAPER VAr! v 1ÉtLr BAGSbureilc - iWoixH V -7T PLASTIC BOTTLES s' V-} smoII-nicW botdcs iMtk MAGAZINES ffiSFTK (f L- .K - ' fl Sfiani, sucii as mlkjugs tie with couon sering yi& t ft. SMirJ an áeterxnt boaïes or stuff iruo brovm paper bags tjA víí r s m heavy tape )a To recycle at home in Arm Arbor: Place the pictared container recyclables into your home CONTAINER bin. Place the pictured paper products in your home NEWSPAPER bin. The City provides weekly recycling collection to all Ann Arbor residents. Want to recycle more items? Residents with All the recyclables Usted in this ad, plus office curbside collection may place the tollowing items paper, car batteries and scrap metal, are acoutside of their recycling bins: used motor oil (in cepted at the Recycling Drop-Off Station, 2050 milk jugs with screw-on caps), household batterSouth Industrial, open Wednesday, Thursday ies (in clear plastic bags), large corrugated cardand Friday from noon to dusk and Saturday, board (flattened and tied into 3' x 2' x 6" bundies). from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. QUEST10NS? CALL THE f) H 1 HA AA I RECYCLING HOTLINE 7 1 " tUU I


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